Climate & Energy

Japan’s utilities clamor to fire up nuke plants

Two years after the Fukushima meltdown, Japan's government is moving toward allowing nuclear reactors to restart. Never mind that many Japanese citizens think that's a terrible idea.

Climate & Energy

Colorado’s oil and gas boom is polluting the state’s air

Drillers pump 600 tons of air pollution over Colorado every day, and three-quarters of the state's air pollution enforcement cases are linked to drilling.

Business & Technology

Solar plane completes cross-country trip despite torn wing

The Solar Impulse landed in New York late Saturday, finishing a historic, 3,500-mile stop-and-start journey across the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Train explosion in Quebec stokes debate about oil transport

The deadly accident in Lac-Megantic has some people arguing that pipelines are safer than rail for transporting oil. The argument misses the point.

Climate & Energy

Solar-powered sedan hits Dutch streets

Stella is a solar-powered prototype car with a range of 270 miles, room for four plus luggage -- and a steering wheel that swells and shrinks.

Climate & Energy

U.K. throws party for world’s biggest offshore wind farm

In the Thames Estuary, 175 turbines are providing enough electricity to power nearly 500,000 homes.

Climate & Energy

Biofuel program could invite giant grass invasion

American farmers can now start growing humongous 20-foot-tall grasses to produce biofuel under a federal clean energy program.


Pepsi: Cancer for a new generation?

Pepsi still contains caramel coloring that has been shown to cause cancer in rats, more than a year after it promised a national phaseout.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could be leading to more El Ninos

El Niño events appear to have become more commonplace as the globe has warmed, a new study finds. Meanwhile, another study could make El Niños easier to predict.