Israeli military offers a death-free experience — for soldiers’ diets, at least

Veganism is on the rise in Israel, and the military is taking note.

People want to frack the hell out of this giant piece of tiramisu

The Permian Basin shale field in Texas looks like looks like tiramisu, tastes like money.

A mangrove plant grows on a shore in Cancun

Kids in Mexico block a development that would pave over a mangrove forest

This is not a drill: Kids actually won a battle ... for the environment.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis gets more people to care about climate change

In just a few months, his holiness achieved what environmental activists have been trying to do for years.

An underground park in New York City? These guys are pushing to make it happen

And they have a 5,000 square-foot warehouse to prove it.

How to sell the gas tax to people who hate taxes and love driving

Hint: You have to convince them that it's worth their while.

anti-Keystone sign

Obama says “no” to TransCanada’s latest Keystone gambit

The company asked for a delay in review of the pipeline proposal, hoping to push the decision off to the next president. Obama denied the request.

TransCanada CEO Russ Girling

TransCanada tries desperate move to save Keystone XL pipeline

The pipeline company is asking for a delay in the federal review of its proposal, hoping to get the decision punted to Obama's successor.

The scariest thing you’ll watch all day: Al Gore and the climate change conspiracy

A new video exposes the truth behind global warming.