Business & Technology

Indianapolis to get nation’s largest EV sharing program

A French company plans to bring 500 electric cars and 1,200 charging stations to Indiana's capital, starting next year.


Obama says a climate plan is coming next month, so climate hawks delay lawsuit

Ten states and three enviro groups were about to sue the administration over its delay of climate rules for new power plants. Now they're giving the president a short reprieve.

Climate & Energy

Facing climate reality, cities look for ways to adapt

As stronger storms brew and sea levels rise, city leaders figure they’d better prepare for the worst.

Climate & Energy

Wind farms seek federal OK to kill eagles, pissing off both left and right

Wind developers want to be allowed to kill a few eagles. Conservationists say this is unnecessary. Right wingers are delighted to spread negative news about renewable energy.

Business & Technology

Nicaragua OKs plan for cross-country canal, environment be damned

Lawmakers have given a Hong Kong company rights to build a canal intended to rival Panama's. As you might imagine, there would be huge eco-downsides.


Al Gore, raising the heat on Obama, calls Keystone an “atrocity”

The former veep has been joining other Democrats in calling on the president to get moving on climate change and say no to Keystone XL.


Climate change 101 with Ernest Moniz: “Count.”

When a climate-skeptic congressman asked how we can be so sure that people are causing climate change, the energy secretary pointed to basic math.

No, we’re not running out of people

The world population is projected to soar from 7.2 billion today to 8.1 billion in 2025, so you can stop worrying about a shortage of babies.

Climate & Energy

Batteries included: New wind turbines and solar panels come with built-in storage

Solar and wind systems need batteries to store power for when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. But why have two devices when you could have just one?

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