Do Panic

Poll shows Americans are starting to worry about climate change again

After a decade of worrying about other things, the number of Americans concerned about global warming is beginning to creep up again.

How smart meters are helping California save water

Constant water monitoring can reveal leaky pipes and out people for abusing their sprinkler systems.

Think climate change will be good for plants? Think again

Climate change could mean shorter growing seasons and less nutrients for plants.

Take that, Trans-Pacific Partnership! Enviros celebrate as Obama’s trade agenda takes a blow

The shadowy trade deal hit a huge roadblock as Democrats in the House blocked “fast track” trade promotion authority.

Climate change ruins everything — and now it’s coming for your tea

Have you ever noticed that climate change is killing all that you hold dear? Welcome to Spoiler Alerts.

What if we banned street harassment? Buenos Aires might

There are currently two proposed bills in Buenos Aires that would make catcalling illegal.

It’s raining lampreys — time to leave this terrifying planet

These jawless, slimy, blood-sucking terror monsters have no business on dry land. Stay in your lane, lampreys!

The U.N. surprises everyone with a breakthrough deal to slow deforestation

It’s not often that happy, unexpected news emerges from climate negotiations, but that’s exactly what happened at a recent meeting in Germany.

How secret right-wing donors funneled $125 million to groups opposing climate action

Anonymous conservatives poured money into Donors Trust, and Donors Trust in turn poured it into groups that oppose CO2 regulations and clean energy.