These species survived the last ice age but couldn’t survive people

Scientists found 22 species on an island in the Bahamas that made it through rising seas and climate change, but not humans.

Workers carry photovoltaic solar panels

Are India’s clean energy investments slowing the march of coal?

Chinese manufacturer Sany Group is the latest to invest in Indian solar power, but the big picture reveals a coal-dependent India.

oil drils

Oil and gas execs deliver statement on climate action

BP, Shell, and others support a 2 degrees C target and a Paris deal. Here are some reasons to be skeptical.

You play a fungus in this video game, because the apocalypse happened and almost everything is dead

Microbes will inherit the Earth.

Greenpeace wants to keep coal in the ground by buying up mines and power plants

Activist group to bid on German coal infrastructure just to shut it down.

Hackers can now mess with our infrastructure. Thanks, internet

The more pipelines, railways, and energy systems that we connect to the internet, the more we open ourselves up to cyber attacks.

Leo DiCaprio is already turning the Volkswagen emissions scandal into a movie

Based on a book that hasn't even been written yet.


Media disaster reporting can throw a wrench in the way you process disaster risk

A new study in Nature Climate Change suggests that news reports on natural disasters can actually reduce risk perceptions.

Boston driver

Self-driving cars are good. Too good

Google's driverless cars: The future is here and it just got rear-ended by the present.