You owe the world $12,000 for burning all those fossil fuels

A new study calculates countries' carbon debts.

Massachusetts has a bunch of new roadside solar panels. Too bad they’re so ugly

The state wants to power 240,000 homes with solar power by 2020.

grocery aisle

Can supermarkets supplement failing schools?

A new study looks at how grocery stores in low-income communities can be extensions of the preschool classroom.

Octopus in a blender
blending nemo

We’re basically putting the cast of Finding Nemo in a blender

Warming ocean temperatures are scrambling ecosystems, as species migrate to cooler waters.

Did Mayan deforestation change the climate?

A new review illustrates the environmental impacts of the pre-Columbian Mayans.

Earth has way more trees than we thought, but not nearly as many as it used to

Scientists say there are more than 3 trillion trees on earth, but we're losing about 10 billion per year.

Food waste stew

Denmark wages war on food waste

Making the U.S. look pretty bad in the process.

Deforestation in the Amazon

Google-powered map shows that deforestation isn’t just about the Amazon

New data from the tech giant and the University of Maryland reveal previously overlooked deforestation in Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Polar bear about to eat a scientist

Hungry polar bears trap Arctic researchers

Seriously, polar bears -- stop being jerks.