Climate & Energy

Fukushima keeps on leaking, Japan keeps on issuing confusing explanations

More than 300 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from the crippled nuclear power plant last week. So what else is new?


U.S. government paid $17 billion for weather-withered crops last year

A lot of that expense could have been avoided if the Federal Crop Insurance Program encouraged farmers to use conservation-oriented techniques, says NRDC.

Climate & Energy

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to shutter

More bad news for the nuclear industry: Entergy Corp. announced Tuesday that it will power down the plant next year.

Climate & Energy

Wind turbines don’t hurt property values

The most comprehensive study to date finds that the construction of wind farms near homes does not lower home sale prices.

Climate & Energy

Vanishing ocean smell could also mean fewer clouds

As oceans become acidic, they produce less of that ocean scent, which contains compounds that help clouds form. And that means more sunlight and more global warming.


Maryland chickens out on farm pollution rule

Just as the state was about to clamp down on farmers who coat their crops with chicken manure, officials cave to the poultry industry.


Syngenta to take a continent to court to upend pesticide ban

Syngenta is suing the European Commission to let it continue selling neonic insecticides that kill pollinating bees.


Is the NSA surveillance program really about spying on environmentalists?

Environmentalists -- harmless hippie treehuggers who can easily be ignored or dangerous eco-terrorists who need to be watched?

Business & Technology

Coal shoulder: BLM sells controversial coal mining lease, but no one’s buying

Wyoming's Bureau of Land Management held a sale for the lease of 148 million tons of coal that received not a single bid, a first in state history.