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97 out of 100 climate scientists agree: Humans are responsible for warming

Say it again: Another exhaustive study confirms that there's virtually no disagreement among climate scientists about the cause of climate change.

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Just in time for summer: Budget cuts force Forest Service to skimp on firefighters, trucks

Across-the-board spending cuts triggered by congressional uselessness will see more than 500 federal firefighting jobs cut this summer, despite the threat of major wildfires.


Kosher salt: Don’t stress about sodium intake (unless you’re an average American)

A new study says limiting our salt intake to under 2,300 milligrams a day might not actually be that beneficial. But most Americans consume way more salt than that.


U.N. to world: “Eat your insects.”

A new U.N. report suggests farming and eating insects could be one of the best ways to feed the world's swelling population.

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Climate-related disasters cost American taxpayers $96 billion last year

American taxpayers spent more money cleaning up and helping out after natural disasters in 2012 than they spent on education or transportation.

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North Pole wanders, thanks to climate change

Melting ice and rising seas are shifting the position of the North Pole by eight inches a year.

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Obama administration gives wind industry a pass for killing birds

Wind turbines killed an estimated 83,000 birds of prey last year, yet the administration has never prosecuted a wind farm for killing a protected bird.


Kids these days just don’t care about cars

Driving rates in the U.S. continue to decline, thanks to millennials. A new report argues that the rejection of car culture is here to stay.

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Coal plants could be linked to thousands of North Carolina suicides

New research suggests that people in counties with coal-fired power plants are more likely to kill themselves.