Climate & Energy

Undercover agents infiltrate anti-Keystone protests

Cops spied on activists planning a peaceful protest in Oklahoma -- and that's just one of many incidents of spying by the government and TransCanada.

Business & Technology

BP whines some more about how rough life is

After Deepwater Horizon, BP was temporarily banned from winning new federal contracts. The oil giant thinks that's totally unfair and is now suing the government.

Climate & Energy

Even nuclear weapons are going green

America's main nuke plant will soon be powered partly by wind. Hey, if you're going to condemn the world to a nuclear winter, you might as well be climate-friendly about it.


Climate-denier politicians under attack by new ad campaign

The League of Conservation Voters will spend $2 million on ads that portray four Republicans in Congress as dangerous extremists.

Climate & Energy

Ozone hole could be making global warming worse

It's like Lord Voldemort joining forces with The Penguin: Two of the globe's greatest environmental threats appear to be ganging up on us.

Climate & Energy

White House calls for more grid spending as climate changes

The nation's power grid is increasingly vulnerable to severe weather. The Obama administration is calling for upgrades but not saying where the funding should come from.

Climate & Energy

Carbon offsets plan stirs up controversy in California

Californian companies will soon be able to buy carbon offsets to fulfill up to 8 percent of their required greenhouse gas reductions.

Climate & Energy

Sometimes a hybrid is greener than an electric car

Most times, actually. If you live in a state with lots of coal power, then charging your car with that power is not so climate-friendly.

Climate & Energy

Can a giant ice wall stop Fukushima radiation from leaking into the sea?

Some 300 tons of radioactive water are pouring from the plant into the Pacific every day, so TEPCO wants to build a mile-long underground ice wall to stop the leakage.