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Look what the gas and oil industry did to the Gulf of Mexico — again

Efforts to plug a retired natural gas well off Louisiana's coastline went awry this week, triggering a leak. Now there's an ugly sheen covering several square miles.

Climate & Energy

Tar balls from wildfires worsening global warming

We already knew that climate change is aggravating wildfires. Now comes news that wildfires are aggravating climate change. Talk about a vicious cycle.


Obama likes broccoli, and thanks to science, soon you will too

Scientists are tinkering with the way broccoli tastes, looks, and grows, in an effort to get us to eat more of it. Sounds like a liberal government conspiracy.


Meat industry doesn’t want to tell you where your meat comes from

Big Meat is suing the USDA because it doesn't like rules that require country-of-origin labels and prohibit the mixing of meats from different countries.


EPA chief nominee clears one hurdle, but more lie ahead

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has dropped his filibuster threat against EPA nominee Gina McCarthy, but other Republicans are still opposed.

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Government doesn’t know exact route of Keystone XL

After a citizen made a Freedom of Information Act request for GIS data on the route, the State Department said it doesn't have it.


As more urbanites shun cars, some cities shun parking-space requirements

Washington, D.C., may finally stop requiring buildings near transit lines to provide parking spaces -- a move that saves money and improves quality of life.

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Climate change could bring more hurricanes

New research suggests that cyclones and hurricanes will occur more frequently as the climate changes, challenging previous assumptions.

Climate & Energy

Explosion at West Virginia fracking site seriously injures four

The blast was just the latest fracking accident in the state, where the industry has a poor safety record.