Climate & Energy

Warming oceans are killing baby puffins

Rising temperatures off the East Coast are driving away herring, which is making it hard for puffins to find food for their young.


Vegetarians live longer, researchers find

A recent study found that vegetarians were 12 percent less likely to die over a six-year period than were meat eaters. Men in particular got a health boost from skipping meat.


Connecticut will label GMOs if you do too

The Connecticut legislature has passed a law requiring labels on genetically modified foods, but it won't go into effect until at least four other states follow suit.


Monsanto is currently testing GMO wheat in two states

After a rogue strain of GMO wheat popped up in Oregon recently, we heard that Monsanto had stopped testing such wheat in 2005. Turns out that's not quite true.

Climate & Energy

Famous storm chasers killed by Oklahoma tornado

Former stars of the reality TV show Storm Chasers were killed chasing a tornado in Oklahoma on Friday night. The same storm also injured three Weather Channel storm chasers.

Climate & Energy

California, Illinois lawmakers welcome frackers

Legislatures in both states rejected calls for a moratorium on fracking. But in Illinois, a new bill will at least impose serious regulations on the practice.


Deadly fire at Chinese poultry plant highlights industrial-ag safety concerns

The deaths of 119 people in a poultry-plant fire show the human cost of China's industrial-ag expansion, fueled by the country's growing appetite for meat.

Climate & Energy

British Columbia opposes big tar-sands pipeline

The province told the Canadian government that the proposed Northern Gateway project poses too many environmental risks and has too few safeguards.

Climate & Energy

Study: Climate change a death knell for most Californian fish

Warming rivers could drive 82 percent of the state's native fish to the brink of extinction, to be replaced by carp and other invasive species.

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