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America wants Kyoto Protocol replaced with peer-pressure campaign

Instead of nations agreeing on greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the U.S. is pushing for each country to set its own goals.

Climate & Energy

Coal-export plans going off the rails in Pacific Northwest

Three of six proposed coal-export terminals in Washington and Oregon have been scrapped, and the remaining pieces of the region's coal scheme face challenges.

Climate & Energy

Tesla sedan gets best Consumer Reports auto review of all time

Tesla's all-electric Model S scored 99 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. Meanwhile, Nissan's all-electric Leaf got a top safety rating from another group.

Climate & Energy

Judge says EPA’s lax guidelines on dispersants can stand

Environmentalists sued EPA to force it to regulate oil dispersants more aggressively. With help from Big Oil attorneys, EPA won on a technicality.


Strawberry fields, not forever: Workers ditch farm after it punishes them for fleeing wildfire

A farm fired workers for seeking shelter from wildfire smoke. After a media outcry, they were offered their jobs back, but most said "hell no."

Climate & Energy

California town of Sebastopol will require solar panels on all new homes

That makes two California cities that have decided in the last two months to mandate the installation of solar systems on new buildings.


GOP throws tantrum over Obama’s EPA nominee

Republicans on the Senate Environment Committee boycotted a vote on Gina McCarthy, basically because they really don't like the EPA.

Climate & Energy

Tesla turns a profit, mulls driverless feature

The Silicon Valley-based electric-car pioneer defied critics by turning its first-ever profit. And it's talking to Google about adding an autopilot system.

Climate & Energy

This scientist needs your help to study air pollution from coal trains

An atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington hasn't been able to get money to study dust from coal trains, so he's turning to crowd-funding.

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