White House to crack down on methane pollution

The Obama administration will soon release rules to reduce methane leakage during the production and transport of natural gas.

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Aussie farmers to be paid to store carbon in soil

Planting trees, composting, and other measures that help keep carbon in the ground could soon earn farmers government payments. But a carbon tax would be better.

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Pipeline bursts, makes a big mess in Ohio nature preserve

Another one? Yes, another one. More than 10,000 gallons of oil spilled from a ruptured pipeline into a wetland area.


Billions of pounds of sea life die every year to feed our seafood appetite

For every pound of sashimi or sea bass that you stuff into your mouth, you're basically spitting four ounces of marine life onto the floor.

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Global buying spree is saving solar panel manufacturers

A year after an oversupply of solar panels triggered corporate collapses, skyrocketing demand is helping the sector recover.

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Whoa there! State lawmakers try to make oil trains safer

The wheels of railway safety reform may be in motion in Minnesota, but they've ground to a halt in Washington state.

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White House gets geeky on climate problem

The Obama administration is launching a new climate hub to help Americans understand how weather is changing around them. Google, Microsoft, and Intel will help.

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Scientists to Americans: This climate change thing really is a big deal

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is launching a new campaign to cut through the noise of climate denialism.

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Climate change could bring ancient moss back to life

Scientists were able to revive moss that had been frozen beneath Antarctic ice for 1,500 years, suggesting that as the poles heat up, moss might come creeping back.