Climate & Energy

Carbon dioxide levels made a big, scary jump in 2012

Last year saw the second-biggest spike in CO2 levels on record, meaning we're even less likely to meet goals for keeping climate change in check.

Business & Technology

New Volvo tech aims to keep drivers from hitting cyclists

New technology uses radar to differentiate between pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars, and triggers auto-braking if a collision is imminent.


Faux meats get a boost from horsemeat scandal

Sales of frozen hamburgers are way down in the U.K., while sales of frozen fake burgers are way up.

Climate & Energy

LEDs will soon light your home

Energy-efficient LED lightbulbs are becoming affordable and being designed to resemble the incandescent bulbs of old.

Climate & Energy

Fort Collins, Colo., passes fracking ban; state and gas industry threaten to sue

The Fort Collins City Council voted to ban fracking within city limits. Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper says the move is illegal and the state will sue.


WA state legislator doesn’t understand CO2, transportation, science

Rep. Ed Orcutt sends a testy note to a bike shop owner, claims cyclists are a significant cause of CO2 pollution.


Proposed CA law: Bike at your own risk

Bike advocates say the law would apply even "if you get hit by a drunk city employee."

Climate & Energy

Volcanoes are keeping the planet from boiling over — for now

Pollution from volcanoes has been reflecting heat away from Earth, slowing global warming, a new study suggests.


Public surprisingly OK with government policies that push healthy eating

Americans overwhelming support policies like banning big sodas and subsidizing fruits and veggies, according to a new poll.

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