Strawberry fields, not forever: Workers ditch farm after it punishes them for fleeing wildfire

A farm fired workers for seeking shelter from wildfire smoke. After a media outcry, they were offered their jobs back, but most said "hell no."

Climate & Energy

California town of Sebastopol will require solar panels on all new homes

That makes two California cities that have decided in the last two months to mandate the installation of solar systems on new buildings.


GOP throws tantrum over Obama’s EPA nominee

Republicans on the Senate Environment Committee boycotted a vote on Gina McCarthy, basically because they really don't like the EPA.

Climate & Energy

Tesla turns a profit, mulls driverless feature

The Silicon Valley-based electric-car pioneer defied critics by turning its first-ever profit. And it's talking to Google about adding an autopilot system.

Climate & Energy

This scientist needs your help to study air pollution from coal trains

An atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington hasn't been able to get money to study dust from coal trains, so he's turning to crowd-funding.

Climate & Energy

Joe Biden kinda sorta maybe opposes Keystone XL pipeline

A Sierra Club activist says the veep told her he doesn't support building Keystone, but the vice president's office demurs.

Climate & Energy

Nuclear plant spills radiation into Lake Michigan

The Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan never quite properly patched up a leak last year. Over the weekend, the leak turned into a gush.

Climate & Energy

PG&E hit with big penalty for big natural-gas explosion

California regulators want to make Pacific Gas & Electric spend $2.25 billion on safety improvements following a 2010 pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

Business & Technology

WTO kills Ontario’s green jobs initiative

A program in Ontario that promoted renewable energy produced with locally manufactured equipment got slapped down by international trade bosses.