Climate & Energy

Denial dries up: Americans finally seeing the light on climate change

In red states as well as blue, a majority of Americans believe climate change is happening and the government should do something about it, according to a decade's worth of polling results.

Climate & Energy

Look who’s eating your plastic now: A whole unprecedented ecosystem

We already had the biosphere and the atmosphere, but now we get the plastisphere, too.

Business & Technology

Walmart’s carbon emissions soar despite all that green talk

The mega-retailer has been bragging for years about its sustainability initiatives, but its carbon footprint just keeps getting bigger.

Climate & Energy

U.S. says poor countries’ calls for climate compensation could screw up climate treaty process

Developing countries don't just want the rich world to help them reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. Now they want compensation for "loss and damages."

Climate & Energy

As world dithers on climate treaty, funding for climate projects dwindles

The Clean Development Mechanism helps rich countries meet Kyoto Protocol obligations by spending on climate action in poor countries, but the program's future is up in the air.

Climate & Energy

The six U.S. nuclear power plants most likely to shut down

Falling electricity prices and rising distaste for nuclear power are bad news for the nation's reactor operators, says Morningstar.

Climate & Energy

Oil refineries in Louisiana have accidents almost every day

Well, OK, not every single day. Just six days a week on average. Actually, to be specific, 6.3 days a week.

Climate & Energy

Divine intervention? Pope opposes fracking

Pope Francis has been posing for photographs while holding anti-fracking T-shirts. Will a papal encyclical be next?

Climate & Energy

No, global warming isn’t caused by solar flares or cosmic rays

There's now even more peer-reviewed research from actual scientists to debunk a favorite climate-denier theory.