Climate & Energy

Bahamas will soon be invaded by oil drills

The Bahamian government will allow exploratory oil drilling, triggering worries about the tourism and fishing industries.


Smart people say food prices are falling — depends what you mean by ‘food’

Some foods are getting cheaper, but is that really such great news for the hungry poor?


Dozens get sick after dining at world’s best restaurant

At least 63 people paid handsomely for the privilege of contracting gastroenteritis at acclaimed Danish restaurant Noma.

Climate & Energy

Big military guy more scared of climate change than enemy guns

Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear says global warming “is probably the most likely thing ... that will cripple the security environment."

Climate & Energy

Insurance companies on climate change: ‘What climate change?’

Many insurance firms are clueless when it comes to climate change. Allstate and Travelers question its very existence.


NYC judge throws out Bloomberg’s big sugar drink ban

Will Bloomberg try again, or focus on banning evil soda cups now instead?

Climate & Energy

N.Y. Times and Thomas Friedman call for killing Keystone

The New York Times editorial board and Times columnist Thomas Friedman have both come out swinging against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Forests growing in thawed-out Arctic

Thanks to climate change, millions of square miles of new trees and shrubs are turning the far north green, say researchers. And that's not good.


Smash patriarchy, save the planet

Fighting climate change also means fighting for women's safety and equality.