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ExxonMobil spills chemicals in Louisiana while cleaning spilled oil in Arkansas

ExxonMobil won't say precisely what chemicals it spilled in Louisiana -- maybe because it's too busy keeping journalists away from another oil-oopsie in Arkansas.


American kids still pretty lead-poisoned

More than half a million kids under 5 are suffering from high blood lead levels, according to the CDC.


Meet Roy Blunt, the senator from Missouri — and Monsanto

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). The "Mo." doesn't stand for Monsanto -- we think.

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New culprit in sea-level rise: Pretty Arctic clouds

Common clouds over the Arctic are being blamed for the much faster-than-expected rate at which Greenland's ice sheets melted last summer.

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Something smells bad in New Orleans (more than usual)

A chemical smell like burning rubber has overwhelmed New Orleans. The area is surrounded by gas and oil plants and wells, but nobody can figure out what's causing the stink.

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Nevada utility to stop burning coal, which will probably just be burned somewhere else

NV Energy will stop burning coal by 2025, replacing that source of energy with renewables and natural gas.

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Good news, Arkansas: Tar-sands oil isn’t oil-oil

The federal government doesn't consider tar-sands oil to be "oil" -- which means Exxon might weasel out of paying for damages.


Two new bills aim to save California farmland from rampant sprawl

The two proposed bills would create tax incentives for city farms and dense development, plus protect the state's existing farmland.

Climate & Energy

Texas cities roping in more wind energy

A $6.8-billion project will connect giant cities of eastern Texas with wind farms in the state's blustery west.