Climate & Energy

Piranha cover-up in South Carolina

State officials tried to hide scientists' warnings about the dangers of climate change, including a potential invasion of piranhas.


Cities compete to win Bloomberg funds for innovative projects

One idea from Milwaukee: Turn foreclosed houses into local food processing and education centers. Yum!

Climate & Energy

Shell to ‘pause’ Arctic drilling in 2013

Shell says it needs more time to figure out how best to drill the hell out of Alaska's offshore areas.

Climate & Energy

Can we afford to give a $40 billion gift to oil companies?

BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and pals have been pumping millions of barrels of oil from the Gulf of Mexico without paying a dime in royalties.

Climate & Energy

BP testifies: We knew about ‘big risk’ of explosion

A top BP official tells the court that the company knew there was a "big risk" of a Deepwater Horizon disaster before it happened.


Why shouldn’t you eat horse?

It's cheap, healthy, and legal, so why don't American meat-eaters want to tuck into some pony?


From red to black: How Philly remade its transit system

In the '90s, Philadelphia's transit network was plagued by $75 million in debt and an FBI investigation. Now it's celebrating a major turnaround.


Pesticides are killing off America’s birds

Pesticide use is the leading cause of a nationwide decline of grassland bird species, beating out habitat loss, according to a new study.


Global food giants get bad grades on environment and ethics

A new report from Oxfam finds that multinational processed food purveyors don't treat their workers or the environment very well.

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