San Francisco moves to ban plastic water bottles, scoffs at every other sad city

San Francisco is clearly vying for the title of Most Sustainable City in the United States.

Climate & Energy

Who had the best one-liners at the Senate’s climate slumber party?

Thirty U.S. senators stayed up all night long on Monday to talk about climate change. Did your senators join in the fun?

Climate & Energy

Four new ozone-destroying gases found sneaking around the stratosphere

Three new CFCs and one new HCFC turned up when no one was looking, but scientists still don't know where these human-made ozone-eaters are coming from.

Business & Technology

Grainspotting: Farmers get desperate as coal and oil take over the rails

What could be more American than a gang rivalry between nonrenewable energy and wheat, our nation’s two great loves?

Business & Technology

Here’s what to do with all that extra CO2 you’ve got hanging around

Entrepreneurs are trying out ways to recycle sequestered carbon dioxide, making everything from fertilizer to superglue to Plexiglas.

Climate & Energy

Americans have no idea how much water we use — or how to conserve it

Water is involved in pretty much everything you do, and its supply is limited because the planet is being destroyed.

Climate & Energy

Rising sea levels will drown your Western art history course

About 140 of 720 UNESCO World Heritage sites surveyed will be underwater because of climate change, according to a new study.


Get off my lawn! Organic farmers just can’t get along with GMO-growing neighbors

A new survey finds that organic farmers in the U.S. incur significant financial losses due to GMO contamination from nearby farms.

Climate & Energy

You can thank Warren Buffett for many of those exploding oil trains

His Berkshire Hathaway investment group owns many of the flimsy rail cars used to transport oil, and it has vigorously fought tighter regulation.