Splitsville for Obama and his chief climate adviser

Obama's climate czar is leaving the White House. Heather Zichal's announcement comes just months after she finished crafting the president's new climate plan.


Thousands of Minneapolis bees killed by pesticides

The bees buzzed around like they were drunk. Lab tests show they were poisoned by household pesticides.

Climate & Energy

Abandoned Russian farmland soaks up 50 million tons of carbon every year

Farmers abandoned 1 million acres of farmland after the USSR collapsed, creating what might be the world's biggest human-made carbon sink.

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Walleye move in to a warming Lake Superior

Lake Superior's warming waters make it prime territory for popular sport fish like the walleye -- and for invasive nightmares like the lamprey.

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It continues: Two Pennsylvania coal plants will close for good next week

The killers: Cheaper alternatives, dropping demand, and rising costs of generating electricity with dirty coal.


New Yorkers exposed to more pesticides than rural residents

The Big Apple might not be a farming hub, but its residents have higher exposure to pesticides than most Americans. Scientists tell us why.

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Frackers are flushing radioactive waste into rivers

Duke University researchers discovered radioactive isotopes at alarming concentrations in a creek where fracking wastewater is dumped.

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Say goodbye to Yosemite’s largest glacier

Yosemite National Park's largest glacier could disappear within 20 years, robbing the park's ecosystems of a steady water supply.

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American company sues Canada over fracking moratorium

A failing fracking company says Canadians owe it $250 million because of a ban on fracking beneath the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.