This lobbying shop is so dirty even oil companies want out

Occidental Petroleum is leaving ALEC because its positions on climate change are too extreme.

Isla Bonita

The little island that could is going 100 percent renewable

El Hierro stands mere months away from its all-renewable goal, thanks to a wind farm that stores excess energy in a connected water turbine system.

Can farmers outsmart climate change?

As the world heats up, so do efforts to save our food system.

Americans of color put whites to shame on climate

Nonwhites are significantly more likely to think global warming should be a top priority for the U.S. government.


You’ll fall in love with this heart-shaped solar power plant

All solar farms are lovely, but this one will downright steal your heart.

GMO-free cereal? Middle America shrugs

Cheerios has been touting its freedom from genetic modification for months now, but General Mills says the label has not goosed cereal sales.

Funding evil lobbying group was “a mistake,” says Google

Google (might) stop funding ALEC, a notorious, Koch-funded outfit that pushes anti-climate and anti-clean-energy legislation.

You ready for this jelly?

What do you catch when there are no more fish? Jellyballs

If jellyfish blooms are the future of our oceans, maybe we should start working up an appetite for them.


Northwest states talk green, invest dirty

Oregon and Washington stealthily finance fossil fuel projects despite their governors' climate-caring rhetoric.