Climate & Energy

These are dark days for the Arctic — literally

As ice and snow melt, the surface of the Arctic is getting darker, and that's causing it to absorb more heat. A new study finds this problem is worse than expected.


Obama to trucking industry: “No more rampant gas consumption for you!”

The president continues to push past Congress and take action against climate change, this time with new fuel-efficiency standards for large trucks.

Business & Technology

Tea industry claims it will undertake heroic efforts to become more sustainable

The tea business can be pretty ugly, so tea giants now say they have a plan to get greener and turn tea into a "hero crop" by 2030.

Climate & Energy

U.S. tries to have it both ways with solar trade policy

The U.S. is trying to smash open solar-panel trade barriers in India, even while trying to protect American panel manufacturers from imports.

Climate & Energy

Survive one Chevron fracking explosion, get a pizza and pop FREE!

The residents of Greene County, Penn., just weathered a fracking disaster, but it's cool because Chevron's buying them a pizza party (for one).

Climate & Energy

Rents in this North Dakota oil town are now higher than in NYC or San Francisco

Blame fracking. In the boomtown of Williston, N.D., a 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment can cost more than $2,000 per month.


John Kerry says climate change is a weapon of mass destruction

The secretary of state argues that global warming is as much of a threat as terrorism, epidemics, poverty, and WMDs.


Obama wants to spend $1 billion on climate adaptation

The president has proposed a "climate resilience fund" that would help the nation get ready for big changes.

Climate & Energy

You don’t have to live on a coast to get flooded out by climate change

Landlocked Zimbabwe has been experiencing worsening droughts and worsening floods. Right now the floods are the big problem.