Climate & Energy

Massive Louisiana sinkhole just keeps on growing

A sinkhole that was triggered in August by salt mining for the oil and gas sector has grown to 12 acres, threatening 150 homes.


It’s the first day of spring! Here comes the toxic green sludge

Predictions of heavy spring rains bode poorly for the health of Lake Erie, where agricultural runoff is expected to cause massive algae blooms.


Farmland prices soar — along with farm debt

Never mind the drought: When the farmland price bubble pops, America's farmers could be under water.


Thanks for the oil, Iraq, here’s some cancer

Depleted uranium from U.S. munitions is suspected of causing a huge spike in birth defects and all kinds of cancers in Iraq.


Farmers markets are growing, but farmers’ incomes are not

The small-scale local food movement isn't paying off for small-scale local food producers.

Climate & Energy

Summer rains in Southwest arriving late because of climate change

Delays to the monsoon season in America's southwestern desert states could hurt farmers, cities, and ecosystems.

Climate & Energy

Natural-gas liquid is gushing near a Colorado creek, and nobody can figure out how to stop it

More than 60,000 gallons of unidentified hydrocarbon gunk have leaked into the ground near a gas processing plant, and more just keeps on leaking.

Climate & Energy

Researchers find that ‘wind turbine syndrome’ is bogus

Complaints about turbine-caused illness tend to surface after wind-energy opponents have made a stink and caused people to worry.


America’s infrastructure grade improves to a still very sad D+

For the first time in 15 years, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a better grade than last time.