Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming

Scientists are working to fine-tune and commercialize common fungi as they try to improve crop yields -- efforts that could also help with the climate.

Climate & Energy

Disney radio will stop shilling for frackers

A Radio Disney station in Ohio had teamed up with the oil and gas industry on an "educational" roadshow, but after parents protested, the station backed out.

Climate & Energy

Canada’s energy officials take over job of protecting fish from pipelines

Stephen Harper's administration decided that oil and gas officials would do a better job of managing fish along pipeline routes than actual experts.

Climate & Energy

Tests show Texas well water polluted by fracking, despite EPA assurances

The EPA dropped its investigation into complaints about contaminated water last year. Now Duke researchers have found dangerous levels of methane in wells.

Business & Technology

West Virginia caught unprepared for contamination of water supply, despite warnings

The company that leaked a toxic chemical into the Elk River had told state officials about the contents of its riverside tanks. Why didn't officials draw up emergency plans?

Climate & Energy

Enviros and climate scientists continue their fight over nuclear power

More than 300 green groups release a letter saying no to nuclear, and climate scientist Ken Caldeira defends his reluctant support for the technology.


Maine’s governor signs GMO-labeling law

Maine is now the second state to mandate the labeling of foods containing GMOs, but the law will only take effect if other states follow its lead.

Climate & Energy

EPA will let frackers keep on dumping chemicals into the sea

A new rule will just require the companies to tell the government which chemicals they're dumping.

Climate & Energy

Coal chemical spills in West Virginia, leaving 300,000 without tap water

A supplier to the coal industry spilled thousands of gallons of a toxic chemical into a river, poisoning local water supplies.