Catch shares help corporations more than fish populations

The system of transferable fishing quotas has been bad news for small-scale operations, and it might not be helping fish much either.

Business & Technology

Solar power set to shine in 2013

New solar generation capacity will increase about 14 percent this year, thanks to high demand in the U.S., Japan, and especially China.


Mississippi poised to pass ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ bill banning healthy food regs

The bill would bar local governments from enforcing calorie counts, portion restrictions, or other food reforms at restaurants.

Business & Technology

Chinese forests now just chopstick factories in waiting

The country produces 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year, and that's taking a toll on China's forests.

Climate & Energy

Could melting glaciers slow down climate change?

As glaciers and ice sheets melt, they release plankton food, a new study finds -- and that could help slow the pace of global warming.

Climate & Energy

Bahamas will soon be invaded by oil drills

The Bahamian government will allow exploratory oil drilling, triggering worries about the tourism and fishing industries.


Smart people say food prices are falling — depends what you mean by ‘food’

Some foods are getting cheaper, but is that really such great news for the hungry poor?


Dozens get sick after dining at world’s best restaurant

At least 63 people paid handsomely for the privilege of contracting gastroenteritis at acclaimed Danish restaurant Noma.

Climate & Energy

Big military guy more scared of climate change than enemy guns

Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear says global warming “is probably the most likely thing ... that will cripple the security environment."

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