Climate & Energy

Nuclear plant spills radiation into Lake Michigan

The Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan never quite properly patched up a leak last year. Over the weekend, the leak turned into a gush.

Climate & Energy

PG&E hit with big penalty for big natural-gas explosion

California regulators want to make Pacific Gas & Electric spend $2.25 billion on safety improvements following a 2010 pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

Business & Technology

WTO kills Ontario’s green jobs initiative

A program in Ontario that promoted renewable energy produced with locally manufactured equipment got slapped down by international trade bosses.


Conservative newspaper declares love for Obama’s fracker-friendly ways

The Washington Examiner usually hates on President Obama, but it wholeheartedly approves of his natural-gas policies.

Climate & Energy

Youngstown, Ohio, voters on fracking: “Yes, please”

A ballot measure that would have outlawed fracking in the city went down in defeat after a business group heavily outspent anti-fracking activists.

Climate & Energy

Where did all the tornadoes go?

The past 12 months have seen a record low number of tornadoes, while the 12 months before that saw an unusual high. Is there a climate change link?

Climate & Energy

Coal companies have gotten good at wrangling their way out of federal fines

Firms hit with safety citations routinely manage to get fines reduced, raising questions about the mine-safety system's effectiveness.


Entomologists: “Stop feeding corn syrup to honeybees.” Duh.

Taking away bees' honey and feeding them high-fructose corn syrup instead makes them more vulnerable to pesticides, a new study finds.

Climate & Energy

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames climate change for early wildfires

The Western U.S. is in for a big and dangerous fire season, and Brown is pointing the finger squarely at global warming.