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Beware: Rough wildfire season ahead

Firefighters are bringing a blaze in the Santa Monica Mountains under control, but many more such fires are expected in the West this year.

Climate & Energy

Canadian tar-sands exec: ‘We do need Keystone’

Contrary to what the U.S. State Department says, the head of an oil-sands company insists that the industry needs the pipeline to help it expand.

Climate & Energy

Hawaii could be hit by more hurricanes as climate changes

There may be fewer tropical cyclones in the Pacific in the future, but those that do form are expected to be stronger and more likely to strike Hawaii.

Climate & Energy

Why haven’t the big green groups divested from fossil fuels?

Activists are pushing colleges and cities to divest, but it turns out many major environmental groups still haven't dumped their own dirty energy stocks, Naomi Klein reports.

Business & Technology

Will natural-gas cars start to catch on?

It's relatively cheap to fill up a car with natural gas, thanks to the fracking boom. But natural-gas cars are still pricey and filling stations are still rare.

Climate & Energy

Study: When Republicans understand climate science, they support climate action

Once Republican voters grasp the reality of climate change, they start to support efforts to do something about it, according to new research.

Climate & Energy

Big Coal loses out in Indiana, despite employing two state lawmakers

A planned $2.8 billion coal-to-gas plant could be doomed now that the state legislature has approved tough new ratepayer protections.

Climate & Energy

Weird wintry weather and the climate-change link

It's warm on the coasts and cold and snowy in between. And some kind of hellish weirdness in the Texas Panhandle.

Climate & Energy

Court says N.Y. town can outlaw fracking

Dryden and more than 50 other municipalities want to ban fracking in case New York's state moratorium is lifted. An appeals court said that's just fine.