Climate & Energy

U.S. lags woefully behind other rich countries on energy taxes

We'd rather spend $16 billion on a year's worth of crop insurance than 35 cents more for a gallon of gas. And don't even think about a carbon tax.

Business & Technology

Multinational oil companies, 2; sovereign nations, 0

Shell beats back a lawsuit over pollution in Nigeria, and Chevron scores a point in its fight to avoid paying for its mess in Ecuador.


If named secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel will leave Chevron’s board

Only seems fair.


Climate change will be great for Toronto, says insincere troll

In reality, the city worries that its infrastructure can handle the shifts.


Will 2013 be the year of ag-gag bills?

Animal advocates expect Big Ag will fight even harder against whistleblowers this year.


Right-wingers’ dream town is a new urbanist paradise, but full of guns

Sustainable planned communities are not just the territory of the political left.

Climate & Energy

More vignettes from North Frackota, where rents are sky-high and adultery is illegal

North Dakota -- fastest-growing state in the nation thanks to a fracking boom -- offers lots of traffic and crowds and not much fun.

Climate & Energy

How coal is keeping its firm grip on miners and elected officials

A lawsuit against a whistleblower, huge contributions to Congress: The coal industry spends big, but it still won't spend to clean up its act.


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to ride off into the sunset

At first greens and urbanists were skeptical of the Republican from Illinois, but now they're sorry to see him go.

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