Climate & Energy

Old Russian nukes provide 10 percent of U.S. electricity

But not for long. Russia is ending the deal that has sent cheap uranium from decommissioned warheads to American nuclear plants.

Climate & Energy

L.A. Times won’t publish climate-denier letters

Factual inaccuracies -- like claims that there's no evidence for human-caused climate change -- don't belong on the letters-to-the-editor page, the Times says.

Climate & Energy

Arr, matey: Russia charges Greenpeace protesters with piracy

Russian prosecutors are gung-ho to punish a group of Greenpeace activists under the country's anti-piracy laws.

Climate & Energy

California utilities say, “No batteries for you!”

California utilities are refusing to allow customers to install battery-equipped photovoltaic systems. They say it's to cut back on fraud, but customers and analysts suspect otherwise.


U.S. government is buying up $300-million sugar glut

The government has over-promoted sugar production. So now it's buying up useless harvests and selling them at losses to biofuel makers.


Salmonella breaks out around U.S. as feds stay home

As more than 100 people have been sickened by antibiotic-proof salmonella, 30 federal food-safety workers are ordered back on the job.

Climate & Energy

Federal shutdown freezes Antarctic science, other research

America's Antarctic researchers could be forced to stay home this year because of the federal government shutdown. And they aren't the only scientists affected.

Climate & Energy

Exxon demolishing homes ruined by its Mayflower spill

In the Arkansas town where an Exxon pipeline burst earlier this year, the oil giant is now buying up homes and razing them.

Business & Technology

Wind turbine blade manufacturer hiring at whirlwind rate

A global giant in the niche world of wind turbine blade manufacturing expects to employ 1,200 at its American factories next year. That's up from a workforce of 350 in April.