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Ohio lawmakers who oppose fracking tax have gotten lots of money from frackers

Ohio's Republican governor wants the fracking industry to give something back, but GOP legislators keep rejecting his proposed fracking tax.

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These conservatives like renewable energy

Farmers and other Republicans see profit potential and job opportunities in clean energy, so they're defending renewable requirements.

Climate & Energy

Wind power is a steal: Big deals in Midwest show wind’s affordability

New wind farms in the Upper Midwest are cheaper than natural-gas plants, so utility Xcel plans to boost its wind capacity by 33 percent.


Disinfecting wipes are clogging the nation’s sewer systems

Bathroom wipes are being marketed as flushable, but once they reach the wastewater treatment plant they become a pain in the butt.

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World Bank joins war on coal

The international lender says it won't support coal-fired power plants in most circumstances, opting instead to fund cleaner energy.


Have fun, stay single — it’s sustainable

People who live alone tend to live more sustainably, which is good news for cities.


E.U. bans another bee-killing insecticide

First the European Union banned three neonicotinoid pesticides, and now it's restricting use of a nerve agent that's toxic to bees. If only the U.S. were so concerned about pollinators.


Antarctic marine reserve plans scuppered by Russia

Russia blocked proposals from America, New Zealand, and others to protect more than 1.5 million square miles of Antarctic ocean areas from fishing.

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Keystone XL could hike gas prices as much as 40 cents a gallon

Midwesterners would see the biggest price increases if Keystone XL is built and Canadian oil starts bypassing American markets and heading abroad.