Climate & Energy

Ohio fracking company owner faces federal charges for dumping wastewater

D&L Energy was caught red-handed dumping tens of thousands of gallons of fracking wastewater into an Ohio sewer.

Business & Technology

Tesla offers incomplete, misdirected response to New York Times critique

A much-discussed blog post has Tesla punching relentlessly against the wrong opponent -- and losing.


New Jersey officials arrested for conspiring to hide water pollution

By preventing testing of polluted wells, the directors of a Northern New Jersey water board masked how bad the problem was.

Climate & Energy

Japan and the Ukraine will now remind you why nuclear power makes you nervous

New health worries at Fukushima, and a collapsing building at Chernobyl.


Bloomberg proposes banning plastic foam containers, probably because they can hold soda

Actually, it's because 20,000 tons of plastic foam get thrown away in New York City every year. And considering it doesn't weigh much, that's a lot.


GAO adds climate change to list of fiscal risks to the government

Seems overdue, but this isn't the speediest government agency.

Climate & Energy

A third of North Dakota natural gas never makes it to market — which may be a good thing

While burning the gas at the wellsite costs the state and the gas company money, it's better than some alternatives.


Read and take over: Occupying urban streets with guerrilla libraries

In New York, kiosks offer books outside Sandy-shuttered libraries, and in Oakland, a people's library is surviving on the sidewalk.


Obama’s threat to act unilaterally on climate change? Looking empty

Conversations with senior administration officials suggest that the threat doesn't have teeth -- and won't include regulations on old power plants.

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