Climate & Energy

James Hansen to quit NASA, become full-time climate activist

Hansen has been the nation's most outspoken scientist on the need for climate action. Now he's leaving his day job to dedicate himself to activism.


Sandy refugees set to be booted from NYC hotels

Hundreds of families are poised to lose their temporary housing as New York City looks to wind down a hotel-placement program.


Gene discovery could breed veggies for a warmer planet

Scientists are making progress in developing a GMO lettuce that can grow in scorching heat. Um, yay?

Climate & Energy

Canadian officials in uproar over pipeline video game, not over actual pipelines

A game funded by a public broadcaster has players build virtual oil pipelines, which virtual opponents can then blow up.


Tar Sands Blockade wins sponsorship deal from Kryptonite bike locks

A corporate sponsorship seems counter to the blockade's politics, but it may be a means to ending the pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Tar-sands oil spills in Arkansas and Minnesota

A major spill from an Exxon pipeline in Arkansas caused 22 homes to be evacuated. It came just two days after a spill from a train in Minnesota.

Climate & Energy

Fukushima meltdown appears to have sickened American infants

Babies born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington soon after the Fukushima meltdown were more likely to be afflicted with congenital hypothyroidism.

Business & Technology

Subaru finally introduces a hybrid; crunchy yuppies rejoice

Just 16 years after Toyota first started selling the Prius, Subaru has unveiled its own hybrid. Urban hipsters and Portlanders are excited.


Pesticide makers want you to save the bees

Manufacturers of bee-killing pesticides say their products are safe -- and they think you should be doing more to help pollinators.