Climate & Energy

Oil company executive swears at analyst, tries to get recording off the internet

So, here it is!


International cops are on the pirate fishing case

INTERPOL will for the first time ever discuss policing illegal and destructive fisheries.


We are learning mosquitoes are basically invincible

We share this news during the winter in order to prevent a panic.

Climate & Energy

Could extreme weather save farmers from extreme weather?

A bunch of snow for drought-stricken Kansas could be good news for wheat crops -- but they'll need a lot more of it.

Climate & Energy

America thinks we need to fix the climate — after we deal with the deficit

A new Pew poll shows ongoing support for developing renewables and regulating carbon dioxide -- and an ongoing lack of urgency.


Head of American Petroleum Institute doesn’t see a need to regulate carbon anymore

And if you can't trust Jack Gerard on this issue, who can you trust?

Business & Technology

Gas prices are spiking, and it’s not clear why

One possible reason is the reduction of refinery capacity on the East Coast, which is pinching supply.


You have no idea what that fish you’re eating is, so don’t pretend

If asked what you're eating, the safest response is, "fish."


Transit advocates stop cuts using civil rights legislation

Low-income Americans often rely on public transportation and are disproportionately hurt when service is cut back and fares are raised.

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