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Blame Canada: Greedy for oil money, the country is turning into a rogue petrostate

An unforgiving article in Foreign Policy magazine describes Prime Minister Stephen Harper's reckless pursuit of oil-sands wealth.


Nuclear waste leaking at Hanford site in Washington, again

America's most contaminated nuclear site appears to have sprung another leak, just five miles from the Columbia River.


FBI chases anti-GMO activists while ignoring Monsanto’s transgressions

Somebody uprooted GMO sugar beet plants, and the FBI is in hot pursuit. But it's not concerned about the illegal Monsanto GMO wheat that popped up in a field recently.

Climate & Energy

EPA delays fracking safety study until 2016

The agency is investigating the risks posed to drinking water by fracking. It was supposed to be done in 2014, but now it says it'll be two years late.


Kerry implores India to tackle climate change, ticks off Indian enviros

John Kerry's speech coincided with deadly flooding in India that's being blamed on climate change. But some Indian enviros didn't appreciate his preachy tone.

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How climate deniers are like ignorant patrons of ’80s gay bars

Gay-rights activist Dan Savage compares climate deniers to gay men in the early '80s who refused to face up to the reality of AIDS.

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Obama climate plan finally coming, on Tuesday

The president is gearing up for a big speech in which he'll unveil his second-term climate plan. The centerpiece: cracking down on coal power plants.

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Massive Montana mine has tribes fighting over coal exports

A huge new coal-mining project just OK'd by the federal government pits a Montana tribe against native communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Climate & Energy

Wind industry and enviros team up to study bird deaths

A new project will collect and publish hitherto secret data on bird kills at wind farms, aiming to help a clean energy source get even cleaner.