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Chris Christie slams ‘selfish’ homeowners blocking coastal protection measures

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, some owners of oceanfront properties in New Jersey are stymieing efforts to build sand dunes to block storm surges. They're worried about views and privacy.

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Oil industry likely triggered big 2011 Oklahoma earthquake, scientists find

The pumping of oil-drilling wastewater underground probably induced a series of earthquakes in Oklahoma, according to new research.

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Climate change is killing the corn cob pipe

Higher temperatures and drought are hurting the quality of corn cobs and causing trouble for the country's last corn cob pipe producer.


Do trees fight crime in Philadelphia?

More greenery is linked to lower crime rates, a new study finds.


Green labels on candy bars are designed to trick you

New research backs up what candy pushers already know: Printing the nutritional info for candy bars on green backgrounds makes the candy appear more healthful.

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Melting ice is a boon for archaeology

Humanity's history is flashing before our eyes as the glaciers melt, and archaeologists are kind of psyched about it.

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Wyoming and energy companies can keep fracking chemicals secret, court rules

Residents of Wyoming want to know what chemicals frackers are pumping into the ground. State officials know, but state officials won't tell.

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What does the collapse of solar-panel giant Suntech mean? Pricier panels, probably

Chinese solar-panel heavyweight Suntech is going bankrupt, and lots of other panel manufacturers around the world are in trouble too.

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Protests against tar-sands pipelines heat up in U.S. and Canada

Last week saw more than 50 protests against the Keystone XL and Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines -- and vows of many more to come.