Business & Technology

California’s nutty farmland values are spiking

An overseas appetite for California almonds and pistachios has sent farm values soaring.


More Hill staff go on to lobby for the oil industry, because this is how politics works

Relationships are the name of the game. And Big Oil knows how to play the game.

Climate & Energy

2012, the hottest year in U.S. history, was one of the coldest years this century globally

Only one year pre-2000 was hotter than 2012, the tenth-hottest in history.


As the House votes on Sandy aid, dudgeon and hypocrisy are in full effect

Congress will approve some funding, but certainly far less than the amount Obama requested.


Feds mark territory all over L.A. wildlife habitat

Weeks after destroying dozens of acres of wildlife habitat, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is mum on why they did it.


New GOP House Science committee chair to hold totally objective climate hearings

Despite the recent, massive government report on climate change, Rep. Lamar Smith needs some more info.

Climate & Energy

Court: Polar bear habitat that interferes with oil drilling has to go

Because bears are cute, but money is cuter.


California cold snaps farmers’ crops

Freezing temperatures threaten the state's citrus crops. And of course this is only a taste of the climate chaos to come.

Business & Technology

U.S. renewable investment drops in 2012 — but still hits second-highest level ever

The story was the same internationally.

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