Deadly fire at Chinese poultry plant highlights industrial-ag safety concerns

The deaths of 119 people in a poultry-plant fire show the human cost of China's industrial-ag expansion, fueled by the country's growing appetite for meat.

Climate & Energy

British Columbia opposes big tar-sands pipeline

The province told the Canadian government that the proposed Northern Gateway project poses too many environmental risks and has too few safeguards.

Climate & Energy

Study: Climate change a death knell for most Californian fish

Warming rivers could drive 82 percent of the state's native fish to the brink of extinction, to be replaced by carp and other invasive species.

Climate & Energy

Court orders feds to review oil dispersant risks

Enviros waging war against the wanton use of dispersants scored a legal victory Thursday that may help whales, sea turtles, and other marine critters.

Climate & Energy

Colorado to get its own climate czar

A new law calls for the governor to hire a staffer who'll help the state brace for global warming's impacts and offer advice on lowering emissions.


Keystone backers hire lobbyists with ties to John Kerry

TransCanada and Alberta hope former Kerry staffers will help convince the secretary of state that Keystone XL deserves a thumbs-up.


Japan and other nations say no to U.S. wheat, worried about GMOs

After a rogue strain of Monsanto's GMO wheat was found on an Oregon farm, countries in Europe and Asia are acting to ensure their food supplies aren't tainted.


Frankensalmon could breed with trout, produce frankentrout

If GMO salmon escape, scientists say they could breed with brown trout, creating monster trout that outgrow normal fish and outcompete them for food.


Smithfield, world’s largest pork producer, could be sold to a Chinese company

The potential deal provokes concern about everything from food safety to foreign financial control to increasing corporate consolidation of the food system.