Scientists to Americans: This climate change thing really is a big deal

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is launching a new campaign to cut through the noise of climate denialism.

Climate change could bring ancient moss back to life

Scientists were able to revive moss that had been frozen beneath Antarctic ice for 1,500 years, suggesting that as the poles heat up, moss might come creeping back.

Two-thirds of Republicans think the media exaggerates climate change

On the other hand, nearly half of Democrats believe the seriousness of climate change is actually underestimated by news outlets.

Birthday, it’s ya birthday: Fracking technology turns 65

We’d personally like to take this moment to remind all the fracking wells out there that they’re now eligible for a free beverage at Taco Bell.

Alabama wetland still infested with oil, four months after train accident

An oil train derailed and exploded in a swamp in November, and the area remains a big, smelly mess.

Judge rejects latest Koch-led bid to snuff out Cape Wind

Offshore wind energy just won a big court battle, and wind opponent Bill Koch took one in the crotch.

I see London, I can't see France

Paris bans cars, makes transit free to fight air pollution

Epic smog has settled over the City of Love, so officials are taking drastic steps to clear the air.

Will frackers cause California’s next big earthquake?

More than half of the wastewater injection wells being used by frackers in the state are within 10 miles of a recently active fault.

Blacking out America would be a cinch, because there’s not enough distributed solar

America could go dark for up to 18 months if terrorists struck a few key points along the grid. Small-scale solar could make the system more resilient.