Climate & Energy

Minnesotan towns say ‘no’ to a fracking sand mine

After a Minnesota township told sand miners for the fracking industry to take a hike, the mining company tried to change city limits. No dice.


New Pope Francis sure likes buses, but will he be a leader for climate action?

The two most recent popes had a good record of calling for action to fight climate change. But what about this new guy?


New law aims to make eating lions illegal, because right now it’s totally not

The appetite for lion meat is bigger than you might think.

Climate & Energy

Conservatives vs. liberals: Who wastes more electricity?

Democrats use less energy than do Republicans. And Greens use way less than everybody else.


River full of dead, diseased pigs is just another food safety nightmare for China

Are 5,916 diseased pigs enough to get China to rethink its food safety system? Probably not.


Perfect swarm: Giant mosquitos invade Florida

Warmer winters and more storms could mean giant mosquitoes are in the Sunshine State to stay.

Climate & Energy

Flammable ice will help power the planet, then make it even hotter

Methane hydrates under the deep-sea floor are a huge potential source of energy -- and CO2 emissions. Japan has just figured out how to tap them.

Climate & Energy

Oil barge crashes into gas pipeline in Louisiana, triggers big fire

A tugboat captain was among those injured after an oil barge crashed into a natural-gas pipeline south of New Orleans.


Another George Bush runs for office in Texas, talks up oil and gas drilling

George Prescott Bush, son of Jeb Bush, has kicked off a campaign to run for Texas land commissioner next year. Drill, baby Bush, drill!