Too big to prosecute: How Monsanto slipped the DOJ’s grasp

The DOJ wasn't "prepared to bite the bullet" and prosecute its antitrust case against Monsanto.

Climate & Energy

Another climate delay from the Obama admin?

The EPA may postpone release of its landmark greenhouse gas regulations for new power plants. Environmentalists are not pleased.

Climate & Energy

Oil industry ad campaign: ‘Give us tax breaks or everybody gets hurt’

New ads from the American Petroleum Institute claim that a tax on the energy industry is really "a tax on families."


Bottled water doesn’t actually come from where you think it does

Author Peter Gleick found that nearly half of bottled water is just treated stuff from the tap.

Climate & Energy

Obama admin wants hundreds of tiny nuclear reactors built in U.S.

If the Department of Energy has its way, as many as 50 small modular reactors could be built and deployed every year by 2040.

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Protesters target firms angling for a piece of pipeline profits

Protesters will take on TransCanada this week as new data emerges that a lot of tar sands oil is ultimately bound for exports, not for the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Obama to require climate assessments for big projects like highways and pipelines

Federal agencies will soon have to consider climate change impacts when they do environmental impact assessments.


Are municipal utilities more resilient during disasters?

Proponents say publicly owned utilities would better respond to superstorm super-outages. Oh, they also tend to be cheaper.

Climate & Energy

U.S. to help Pacific islands cope with climate change

Every time you turn on a light bulb, you're helping to sink a Pacific island. At least USAID is trying to help a bit.