When in drought, Californian salmon take to the road

U.S. Fish and Wildlife plans to help California salmon bypass drought-shriveled streams by trucks. Yikes.

EPA gives BP a big “welcome back” kiss

The Gulf-wrecking corporation is now free to win federal contracts again, after a 16-month suspension because of the Deepwater Horizon mess.

Fracking halted at Ohio site following earthquakes

If the quakes are found to have been caused directly by fracking, not by disposal of fracking wastewater, it would be the first such confirmed case.

Americans respond to climate change by yawning at it, poll finds

In a list of 15 national problems, only race relations is less of a concern for Americans than climate change, according to a new Gallup poll.

Death toll from East Harlem gas explosion rose to seven overnight

The blast was the deadliest of its kind in the U.S. since a natural-gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, Calif., in 2010, killing eight people.

“More fish in the sea” is not a reason to keep overfishing

A new study suggests we've been underestimating the amount of fish in the oceans by a factor of 10 -- but that doesn't mean we get to drive bluefin tuna to extinction.

San Francisco moves to ban plastic water bottles, scoffs at every other sad city

San Francisco is clearly vying for the title of Most Sustainable City in the United States.

Who had the best one-liners at the Senate’s climate slumber party?

Thirty U.S. senators stayed up all night long on Monday to talk about climate change. Did your senators join in the fun?

Four new ozone-destroying gases found sneaking around the stratosphere

Three new CFCs and one new HCFC turned up when no one was looking, but scientists still don't know where these human-made ozone-eaters are coming from.