Climate & Energy

Waste heat from cities can heat up other parts of the planet

Cities can help solve climate change, but a new study finds that urban areas are also contributing to climate disruption in an unexpected way.

Climate & Energy

One step forward, one step back for tar-sands protesters

Anti-tar-sands activists joined in Idle No More protests around the globe today. But Keystone blockaders in Texas suffered a big blow in court.


Marco Rubio: ‘Changing the weather’ isn’t something government can do

But it's something that Rubio's fossil fuel backers are doing already.

Climate & Energy

Famed climate economist Nicholas Stern: ‘I underestimated the risks’ of climate change

Speaking at Davos' annual gathering, Stern was most likely preaching to the sinners.

Business & Technology

Today’s oily news: Refiner wants to ship oil on Great Lakes, oil barge spills in Mississippi

The spill in the Mississippi River shows the dangers of shipping oil along waterways, but it's not likely to dissuade any would-be shippers.

Climate & Energy

Fox News guy is mad that Obama talked about climate change instead of ‘pressing issues’

But, then, Jon Scott used to work at A Current Affair, so he knows what he's talking about.

Business & Technology

North Dakota’s oil boom strains healthcare system

Oil drilling is one of the nation's most dangerous industries, and it attracts uninsured laborers who too often can't pay their hospital bills.

Climate & Energy

Apple CEO wonders who would want to work for an oil company

It's the future vs. the past: Apple is neck-and-neck with Exxon in a race to be the most profitable company in the world.


Laws banning ‘dooring’ of bicyclists mean well but don’t do much

The Virginia Senate has passed a bill making it illegal to recklessly fling a car door open into traffic. But do such laws make any difference?