Climate & Energy

Australia officially blames climate change for ‘angry summer’

Australia's Climate Commission says global warming caused its harsh summer of record-breaking heat, floods, and bushfires.


Pesticides are killing our sperm

Agricultural poisons are reducing the quality and quantity of sperm in men all over the globe, especially farm workers, according to a new study.


New York subway riders swipe back at fare hikes

Some New Yorkers fight back against transit austerity by giving each other free subway card swipes.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is melting open the North Pole

By 2040, ships could start traveling right across the North Pole, according to new scary research.


Check out these rad women cyclists gearing up to take the lane

The National Women's Bicycling Forum in Washington, D.C., digs in to why ladies only make up about one-quarter of U.S. bike-riders.


Amtrak is making a comeback, kinda

Ridership has grown by 55 percent since 1997 and is now at record levels, with over 31 million travelers annually, says a new report from Brookings.

Climate & Energy

China keeps making new green pledges

From a carbon tax to investment in air-quality upgrades, China is taking action to clean up its filthy environment.

Climate & Energy

U.S. nuclear companies fight new safety measures

Is $20 million too much to spend to prevent radioactive fallout in the case of a nuclear accident? Germany, Japan, and other nations say no. American companies say yes.

Climate & Energy

Enviros slam Keystone findings, threatened species stay silent

In addition to its climate impacts, the Keystone XL pipeline would pose threats to whooping cranes and lots of other endangered species.