Business & Technology

E.U. car efficiency info may be more ‘creative’ than accurate

A new report shows how European car manufacturers game fuel-efficiency tests.


Big Sugar could get a big government bailout

The USDA is thinking about bailing out poor sugar companies -- or make that rich sugar companies. Is it time to Occupy Big Sugar?

Climate & Energy

U.N. to poor people: Sorry, pollution and warming will hit you hardest

Hey, here's another U.N. Human Development Report with terrible news about the planet.

Climate & Energy

Pipeline struck by tug still burning, yards away from oil-laden barge

South of New Orleans, a tugboat pushed an oil barge into a pipeline area where shipping is banned, and the resulting fire is still blazing.

Climate & Energy

Extreme weather and GMO crops devastate monarch butterfly migration

The monarch butterfly migration to Mexico dropped by 59 percent in two years.

Climate & Energy

Wind power is poised to kick nuclear’s ass

Wind energy is becoming so cheap it could force nuclear power plants to shutter, analysts say.

Climate & Energy

Minnesotan towns say ‘no’ to a fracking sand mine

After a Minnesota township told sand miners for the fracking industry to take a hike, the mining company tried to change city limits. No dice.


New Pope Francis sure likes buses, but will he be a leader for climate action?

The two most recent popes had a good record of calling for action to fight climate change. But what about this new guy?


New law aims to make eating lions illegal, because right now it’s totally not

The appetite for lion meat is bigger than you might think.