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Apple CEO wonders who would want to work for an oil company

It's the future vs. the past: Apple is neck-and-neck with Exxon in a race to be the most profitable company in the world.


Laws banning ‘dooring’ of bicyclists mean well but don’t do much

The Virginia Senate has passed a bill making it illegal to recklessly fling a car door open into traffic. But do such laws make any difference?


Where Obama’s new chief of staff stands on climate change

Denis McDonough has called for funding to help poor countries deal with climate change and reduce reliance on dirty energy.


‘The East': A stupid eco-activist fantasy film only the FBI could love

To study activism, the filmmakers didn't go to protests -- they foraged weeds from dumpsters.

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How the Kochs funneled millions to climate deniers through a secretive nonprofit

An investigation by The Independent reveals how the Kochs have tried to anonymously fund anti-science research.

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2012 was a record year for worldwide crop insurance claims

And 2013 is likely to continue that trend.


McDonald’s new sustainable fish is — surprise! — not so sustainable

Fish McBites and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are getting a stamp of approval from the Marine Stewardship Council, but they're not exactly green eats.

Climate & Energy

Congratulations to ExxonMobil, the new largest company in the world

Investors see a rosy future for this juggernaut, for some reason.


During the coldest week in decades, some Sandy-damaged homes still don’t have heat

That's one reason why New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says areas hardest hit by the storm should not be rebuilt in the same way.