Business & Technology

Monsanto CEO acknowledges climate change, open to GMO labels, thinks veggies suck

Monsanto boss Hugh Grant sat down for a Q&A with The Wall Street Journal and oh my god.

Climate & Energy

Pirates on Africa’s west coast have a new target: Oil

Nigeria is home to a booming oil industry and black-market refineries. That makes oil tankers along West Africa look awfully tempting.


Campaign to label frankenfoods goes viral

It lost in California, but now Connecticut, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont are all considering GMO labeling laws.

Climate & Energy

Turbine in the U.K. converts wind power into kinetic, falling-over energy

We're sure opponents of wind turbines won't mention this in the future.


Marktown, Ind., a historic town shivering in BP’s dark shadow

The century-old community may soon be razed so that an adjacent BP refinery can spill over its borders.


Hagel suggests vague support for continued military use of biofuels

We read the tea leaves, since odds are that Hagel won't be asked about biofuels during his confirmation hearings.

Business & Technology

Shell made a ‘disappointing’ $62 million in profit each day over the last three months

One reason that number was so very, very low was disappointing sales of tar-sands oil.


Guacamole Sunday: A better name for the Super Bowl, or a crappy marketing campaign?

Central and South American growers are capitalizing on Americans' appetites for out-of-season avocados.


Sen. Reid proposes chopping $4 billion in oil subsidies to help the economy

With damage from spending cuts already being seen, an end to oil subsidies would be welcome but nowhere near enough.

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