It only took 28 years to get solar panels back on the White House roof!

After years of repeated grumblings of “we’re going to do this, we promise,” Obama has finally plunked some solar panels on his house.

Suck it, Harvard

Stanford will dump its coal company investments

Stanford University became the 12th -- and most prestigious -- college to agree to divest from some fossil fuel stocks.

90210, represent!

Beverly Hills just banned fracking

It's the first California city to outlaw the practice, but it probably won't be the last.

He knows which way the wind blows

Obama talks climate with TV weathercasters

Al Roker was among eight weather presenters invited to interview the president on Tuesday about the administration's big new climate report.

Annie Leonard of “Story of Stuff” will be new head of Greenpeace USA

She'll start her new gig in August, replacing the outgoing executive director, Phil Radford.

Colorado drillers are spilling 200 gallons of oil and other poisons every day

Last year, the oil and gas industry reported 578 spills to Colorado authorities, contaminating nearly 175,000 tons of precious topsoil.

The 12 things the Obama administration wants you to know about climate change

Climate change is affecting you, right now. Yeah, you. That's the topline message of the new National Climate Assessment published by the White House.

Define "terror"

GOP leader calls anti-fracking congressman a terrorist

Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) thinks local communities should have control over fracking, and Republicans say that makes him a "terrorist" on a "jihad."

Let's confuse everybody

Should we be calling it “climate disruption”?

White House science adviser John Holdren says the phrases "global warming" and "climate change" just aren't cutting it.