W.Va. congressmember compares EPA head to Gadhafi

Rep. David McKinley doesn't much like EPA chief Lisa Jackson. We have a theory why.

Business & Technology

Surprise: Shell’s rig ran aground in Alaska because the company was trying to avoid taxes

To get out of paying $6 million in state taxes, Shell decided to try to tow a drilling rig from Alaska to Seattle in the middle of a storm.

Climate & Energy

Notorious Mexican drug cartel branches out into a ‘more lucrative’ venture: Coal mining

Profit is profit.


Congress to act on Sandy aid — but grudgingly, late, and with a fraction of what’s needed

Had Congress acted responsibly years ago on FEMA flood insurance, Congress might not even need to act today.

Business & Technology

Richmond, Calif., fights back against Chevron’s choke hold

Chevron, which has been polluting Richmond for more than a century, is trying to win over residents with gardens and parties. It'll have to try harder.

Business & Technology

It probably shouldn’t have taken Exxon 46 minutes to shut off a broken pipeline

A 2011 oil spill along the Yellowstone River was made worse by ExxonMobil's delay in stopping the flow of oil.

Business & Technology

A new year, a new Keystone XL blockade

The Tar Sands Blockade has launched a new tree-sit -- and this time activists think TransCanada won't be able to reroute its pipeline around them.


GOP Congressman’s first priority: Party with the coal lobby

After all, why make all of his biggest fans have to go outside?

Business & Technology

The feds fine Transocean $1.4 billion for Deepwater spill

If you've ever wondered how much it costs to have a subsidiary role in leaking millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, now you have your answer.

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