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Freedom Industries kept West Virginia spill details secret

When that West Virginia tank busted open earlier this month, a second toxic chemical spilled into the Elk River. The company knew -- but didn't bother telling officials.


The pope is writing a big green manifesto

We already know that Pope Francis likes riding buses and doesn't like fracking. We'll soon learn more about his environmental views.

Climate & Energy

Seashore solar comes to Japan

Japan's largest solar power plant has been built on reclaimed land jutting into a bay -- a creative solution for a crowded country.

Climate & Energy

Illinois petcoke rules coming, but not as fast as governor wants

Gov. Pat Quinn says growing piles of waste from tar-sands oil refining constitute an emergency, but owners of the piles successfully argued against immediate rules.

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Canadian tar-sands oil could start flooding into Europe

The European Union is set to scrap rules that restrict the import of especially dirty, climate-changing fuels.

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U.S. and Canadian safety officials are freaked out about exploding trains

Transportation safety boards in the two countries issued urgent calls on Thursday for new rules to make oil-hauling trains less dangerous.

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Key enviro law suspended in California under drought emergency

When Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought, he quietly suspended parts of one of the state's landmark laws, the California Environmental Quality Act.

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Can clean energy replace a shuttered nuke plant in California?

Yes, definitely, say the state's cleantech leaders. They're joining enviros to push for more renewables instead of new natural-gas plants.

Climate & Energy

Europe wimps out on climate and clean energy

Sure, it's still better than the rest of the world, but activists and scientists had been hoping for stronger goals on CO2 emissions and renewable energy.