Climate & Energy

Frackers set their sights on the Golden State

California's Monterey Shale could contain twice as much oil as all of Saudi Arabia, but it won't be easy to get out of the ground.


Walmart’s big push into groceries is not good for small farmers

Walmart now dominates the U.S. grocery sector, selling more food than the three biggest grocery chains combined.

Climate & Energy

New York governor wants to return Sandy-damaged neighborhoods to nature

It turns out that buying up damaged houses and converting the land into wetlands or parks would be rather expensive.


San Francisco plans expensive ‘managed retreat’ from rising seas

It's an expensive plan, but rerouting a highway before it's flooded could end up saving a boatload of money in the end.


Alaska senator offers a fresh, new energy policy calling for more drilling in Alaska

And more drilling everywhere else too. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's patrons in the oil industry will golf-clap for this one.

Climate & Energy

How the shale boom came to North Dakota — and how it’s spreading west

There's lots of shale oil in Colorado and California too, but residents of those states are more suspicious of fracking.


Dodge made ‘God made a farmer’ Super Bowl ad, and I made an angry face

Dodge's whitewashed ad wasn't honoring farm work as it exists in America today.


China’s pollution reaches Japan. Next stop: California

The record levels of soot pollution are making their way around the world, as air pollution tends to do.


Americans spent 4 percent of household income on gas in 2012

Even though Americans are using less gas, we're paying more for it. And that's making oil companies rich.

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