GOP to Obama on Keystone: Don’t think about climate

With Democratic support for Keystone XL floundering, some say that Obama could link its approval to new climate change rules. Republican senators beg him not to.


As world marches against Monsanto, senators protect it from labeling laws

Food activists in hundreds of cities around the world turned out Saturday to protest against Monsanto. So far, Capitol Hill isn't getting the message.


Zen and the art of bridge maintenance

When it comes to U.S. transportation infrastructure, we'd rather build new roads than deal with the old ones -- or the bigger questions about how we get around.

Climate & Energy

Fracking accident leaks benzene into Colorado stream

Benzene levels soared in a Colorado creek after a natural gas facility spilled hundreds of barrels of natural gas liquid. So why haven't those responsible been fined?

Climate & Energy

Arctic base evacuated as ice dissolves beneath researchers’ feet

With an emergency rescue underway, Russia's 70-year tradition of placing research stations atop floating chunks of Arctic ice could be over.

Climate & Energy

Support for climate action is the new normal in U.S.

Most Americans support efforts to boost green energy and combat global warming, though exuberance for climate action numbed a little over winter.


American meat labeling laws bolstered; Canadians indignant

You're about to get a whole lot of information about where your meat came from. Which displeases the Canadians, who say Americans discriminate against their livestock.


Chemical creep: Farmers return to pesticides as GMO corn loses bug resistance

As the crop-ravaging rootworm grows immune to Monsanto's Bt corn, farmers go back to spraying pesticides to protect their crops.


Connecticut Senate passes GMO-labeling bill

A similar bill is advancing in Maine. But the states are moving cautiously, afraid of triggering lawsuits from the food and ag industry.