Anti-Agenda 21 bill is back in Arizona, wants to eat your brains

It failed last year, but Arizona state senators are back with another attempt at outlawing sustainability.


International plan for a spill in the Arctic: If anything happens, pick up the phone

Greenpeace rails against an impotent draft document from the Arctic Council -- with good reason.

Climate & Energy

Alaska ignores climate change, so Iditarod dogs will just need to evolve thinner coats

Warning: This post may make you sympathetic to Sarah Palin.


New York hires seismologist with fracking industry ties to do fracking research

On the plus side, it's a step forward in an otherwise interminable process.


Former Interior Secretary Babbitt calls for one acre of conservation for every acre of oil exploration

Bruce Babbitt says Obama hasn't been protecting enough public land and should stand up to Big Oil and bad Republicans.

Climate & Energy

Don’t worry about BP; it’s going to be fine

The oil giant made billions in profits last year, and brought in billions from U.S. gov't contracts, despite that messy thing in the Gulf.


Let the speculation begin: Obama to talk climate at State of the Union

The Wall Street Journal expects Obama to call for regulation of carbon pollution from existing power plants.


Obama taps Sally Jewell, CEO of REI, for Interior post

REI CEO Sally Jewell's mixed background in environmental advocacy and the energy industry makes her an interesting pick for Secretary of the Interior.

Seattle and San Francisco consider divesting from fossil fuels

San Francisco joins Seattle in looking at dropping fossil fuel investments from employee pension funds.