a green-colored building
LEED it ain't

Enviros bash industry-backed “green” building program

The Sierra Club and Greenpeace are teaming up to expose the industry forces behind the Green Globes certification system.

Bring out the big guns

Military experts are worried about climate change, and you should be too

America is coming under attack, say 16 retired generals and admirals, and the attacker is global warming.

clean energy
who likes money?

End fossil fuel burning, save $71 trillion — and preserve civilization as we know it

Two new reports outline the economic boons that would follow if we would just dump our climate-wrecking dirty-energy addiction.

oil spills
Oil in a day's work

A whole lot of oil spilled in the U.S. in 2013

Drillers spilled 26 million gallons of oil and related contaminants last year. That's how much spilled during 11 days of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.


Frackers are flooding the atmosphere with climate-warming methane

Two new studies reveal the staggering disconnect between actual methane emissions and official EPA estimates.

merlot point

The West Antarctic glaciers are breaking up with us

Latest studies show that the ice sheet's gradual disappearance is now irreversible, along with catastrophic, if slow, sea-level rise.


Do you think frackers should disclose the chemicals they use? EPA wants to know

That's not a rhetorical question. The EPA is seeking public comment, even though it might not do anything after the comments are received.

cheering man on mountaintop
Legal trifecta!

Another big EPA court victory — this time on soot pollution

It's the third notable environmental court win in a month, upholding the EPA's right to clamp down on particulates that cause heart attacks and asthma.

It only took 28 years to get solar panels back on the White House roof!

After years of repeated grumblings of “we’re going to do this, we promise,” Obama has finally plunked some solar panels on his house.