Are municipal utilities more resilient during disasters?

Proponents say publicly owned utilities would better respond to superstorm super-outages. Oh, they also tend to be cheaper.

Climate & Energy

U.S. to help Pacific islands cope with climate change

Every time you turn on a light bulb, you're helping to sink a Pacific island. At least USAID is trying to help a bit.

Business & Technology

E.U. car efficiency info may be more ‘creative’ than accurate

A new report shows how European car manufacturers game fuel-efficiency tests.


Big Sugar could get a big government bailout

The USDA is thinking about bailing out poor sugar companies -- or make that rich sugar companies. Is it time to Occupy Big Sugar?

Climate & Energy

U.N. to poor people: Sorry, pollution and warming will hit you hardest

Hey, here's another U.N. Human Development Report with terrible news about the planet.

Climate & Energy

Pipeline struck by tug still burning, yards away from oil-laden barge

South of New Orleans, a tugboat pushed an oil barge into a pipeline area where shipping is banned, and the resulting fire is still blazing.

Climate & Energy

Extreme weather and GMO crops devastate monarch butterfly migration

The monarch butterfly migration to Mexico dropped by 59 percent in two years.

Climate & Energy

Wind power is poised to kick nuclear’s ass

Wind energy is becoming so cheap it could force nuclear power plants to shutter, analysts say.

Climate & Energy

Minnesotan towns say ‘no’ to a fracking sand mine

After a Minnesota township told sand miners for the fracking industry to take a hike, the mining company tried to change city limits. No dice.