Climate & Energy

Cash for Clunkers program drove right into a brick wall of waste

The program took 690,000 old cars off the roads -- and sent them to landfills instead of to auto-parts recyclers.


Fiscal-cliff deal ups tax benefit for transit riders

Congress almost drove the crazy train off the fiscal cliff, but turned away just in time, yielding tax benefits for mass-transit riders.

Business & Technology

Record-high average gas prices in 2012 are almost certainly great news for oil companies

Gas prices in the U.S. haven't gone down even though domestic drilling has gone up. Can Republicans explain that?


A new savior for California state parks?

An ex-Marine general is taking charge of the troubled state park system, and he ain't taking any guff.

Climate & Energy

2012 was the hottest year in history in New York, D.C., Louisville, Philadelphia …

And on and on and on ...


Avis buys Zipcar, delighting investors and unnerving customers

A deal to acquire the car-sharing company might make more Zipcars available on the weekends. It might also kill the business altogether.

Business & Technology

Coal keeps on selling, lawsuits and bad economics be damned

Watch Peabody Energy sell tons of coal even as you read about why it shouldn't sell any at all.

Climate & Energy

Kyoto’s first phase expires as greenhouse gas emissions and dirty energy use spike

Ah, well. It was worth a shot.

Climate & Energy

Shell squeezes one last Arctic screwup into 2012

Capping a year of mishaps in the Arctic, Shell beached one of its drilling rigs on an Alaskan island.

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