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The Canadian government doesn’t want you to get the mistaken impression that it takes climate change seriously

When the IPCC climate report came out last year, Canada's environment minister had planned to say something mildly sensible, then thought better of it.

Climate & Energy

Another oil-hauling train explodes, forcing evacuations in North Dakota

No one was hurt, but the disaster drove people from their homes and was "too close for comfort," said the local mayor.

Climate & Energy

Antarctic researchers rescued following icy ordeal

Climate scientists trying study a melting iceberg were trapped for more than a week after sea ice engulfed their vessel. No, that doesn't disprove climate change.

Climate & Energy

Endangered species could be screwed by rising seas

Sea-level rise could inundate the habitats of one out of every six endangered and threatened species in the U.S. Here's what we can do to help.

Climate & Energy

Five years after Tennessee coal-slurry disaster, EPA has produced no new rules

In December 2008, a million gallons of fly-ash sludge polluted Tennessee land and rivers. Since then, the EPA has done little to protect Americans from similar accidents.

Climate & Energy

First oil shale mine in U.S. is coming to Utah

As if we didn’t already have enough filthy, inefficient, unconventional oil-extraction techniques in use in North America, here’s one more.

Climate & Energy

Stick it to ’em: Scientists call for labeling tar-sands oil

The E.U. is considering a system to label gasoline according to how much carbon it emits. Oil companies and Canada don't like the idea.

Climate & Energy

Fracking company finds new way to screw over the environment

A subsidiary of fracking giant Chesapeake Energy is being fined $3.2 million for water pollution caused by sloppy construction practices.


China doesn’t want our genetically modified corn

China has rejected a third of America's corn exports this year because they harbored GM varieties not approved for sale in the country.