Business & Technology

Huge power plant gives up on coal, the Times reports with a shrug

The closure of the Big Sandy coal plant in Kentucky is Big News -- but not, it seems, to The New York Times.


America’s fastest-growing state: North Frackota

The lure of jobs overcomes the deterrent of boredom.

Climate & Energy

Global disaster costs dropped in 2012 — and in U.S., if GOP is to be believed

Insurance costs for disasters hit a three-year low worldwide. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are trying to shortchange Sandy victims.


Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, sorta green activist and Keystone XL fan

How the former governor got that gig and what it tells us about his next chapter.

Business & Technology

Keystone XL wouldn’t use top-of-the-line leak detection, because that would be no fun

Hunting leaks is a great game, albeit deadly and gross.

Climate & Energy

Keystone blockaders outmaneuvered but not defeated

In the trees, the streets, and the courts, protesters vow to keep fighting against TransCanada's tar-sands pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Winter storm ‘Draco’ will solve, cause many problems

A big snowstorm in the Midwest will help alleviate drought, but the country still needs a lot more precipitation.


Lions and tigers and bears(!) are moving to the cities

As our cities get greener, wild animals are moving on in.

Climate & Energy

Something is leaking from the Deepwater Horizon site, but it’s not clear what

We have some theories.

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