Lead-bullet ad targets NRA, misses the point

The Center for Biological Diversity is running an ad in The New York Times calling for the NRA to stop blocking efforts to remove lead from bullets.


The apocalypse is here: FDA clears way for fast-growing GM monster salmon

AquAdvantage salmon eat five times the food and grow twice as fast as normal salmon. And now, thanks to the FDA, they're headed for your plate.

Business & Technology

New EPA rules on industrial boiler pollution could prevent 8,100 premature deaths a year

Environmental and health advocates, however, argue that the new rules don't go far enough.

Climate & Energy

72 percent of bids at California’s carbon auction came from one company’s mistake

Edison International wasted $16 million on pollution credits it didn't want.

Climate & Energy

Americans feel less empowered to stop climate change — because they’re doing the wrong things

A new survey shows that individual conservation efforts have declined.


Obama doubles size of California marine sanctuary, adorable otters rejoice

The president has proposed adding more than 2,700 square miles to a marine sanctuary off the coast of Northern California. Otters rejoice.

Climate & Energy

Appeals court rejects industry attempt to kill EPA regulation of greenhouse gases

This is a win for the EPA and climate action. But the fight's not over yet -- the case could get kicked up to the Supreme Court.


House GOP wants to crack down on environmental regs because jobs

After all, the record boom in domestic oil and gas extraction is clearly not boomy enough.


U.S. cities are getting denser

But from sea to shining sea, we still love to sprawl.

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