Climate & Energy

ExxonMobil wins and regular folks lose in $1 billion pollution ruling

ExxonMobil just made a billion bucks without having to drill or sell an ounce of oil.


Sequestration would be bad news for clean energy and a clean environment

Under looming mandatory budget cuts, polluters would win, you would lose, and Mother Earth would cop yet another blow.


Entire food system may be contaminated with BPA and other plastic nasties

We can try to minimize our exposure to phthalates, but a new study suggests we're all eating plastic chemicals anyway. Yes, even the vegans.

Climate & Energy

Northern California sees driest winter on record

Back in December, the state was drenched. Two months later, it's drier than ever.

Climate & Energy

Piranha cover-up in South Carolina

State officials tried to hide scientists' warnings about the dangers of climate change, including a potential invasion of piranhas.


Cities compete to win Bloomberg funds for innovative projects

One idea from Milwaukee: Turn foreclosed houses into local food processing and education centers. Yum!

Climate & Energy

Shell to ‘pause’ Arctic drilling in 2013

Shell says it needs more time to figure out how best to drill the hell out of Alaska's offshore areas.

Climate & Energy

Can we afford to give a $40 billion gift to oil companies?

BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and pals have been pumping millions of barrels of oil from the Gulf of Mexico without paying a dime in royalties.

Climate & Energy

BP testifies: We knew about ‘big risk’ of explosion

A top BP official tells the court that the company knew there was a "big risk" of a Deepwater Horizon disaster before it happened.