You might see fewer oil trains on the tracks, thanks to a new emergency order

But new rules still don't go nearly far enough to protect communities along rail lines from explosions and fires.

Bummer for anti-Keystoners: Report finds no conflict of interest, despite obvious conflicts of interest

ERM, which wrote the environmental study on Keystone XL, did dodgy and deceptive stuff, but none of it amounted to serious rule breaking, says the State Department's inspector general.

Feds will help honeybees find food

The government will spend $3 million to encourage farmers and ranchers to provide nutritious honeybee nectar in the Midwest.

L.A. and California lawmakers move to impose fracking moratoriums

Some leaders in Los Angeles and Sacramento are fed up with fracking, which sucks up lots of water even as the state is suffering through a drought.

Carbon dioxide pollution just killed 10 million scallops

An oyster producer in British Columbia has lost three years' worth of bivalves -- the latest in a growing line of commercial shellfish collapses linked to ocean acidification.

Rice is the new cocaine for European drug dealers

Drug dealers are hanging up their dime bags and moving into the food-counterfeiting game.

Frack-happy Colorado clamps down on methane pollution

Colorado will soon become the first state in the nation to regulate methane leaks from fracking operations and other natural gas companies.

Big polluters tell Supreme Court they’re worried for Chinese restaurateurs

Major emitters claim to be concerned that the EPA could crack down on CO2 from millions of small businesses, even though the EPA has no intention of doing so.

Oil is spilling from trains, pipelines … and now barges

River barges are increasingly being used to transport crude. The recent spill into the Mississippi River shows why that's not such a great idea.