2013 will be a banner year for farm profits, according to analysis that ignores the drought

If the weather in the U.S. were normal relative to the past, 2013 would be the most profitable year since 1973, says the USDA.

Business & Technology

Minnesota mayor doesn’t see why he can’t also run a sand-mining advocacy group

His argument is, in part, that the city of Red Wing elected him knowing he was a lobbyist.

Climate & Energy

Shell retreats from the Arctic, sending its battered vessels to Asia for repair

Rest assured, the retreat is only temporary.


Here’s one more thing you can share: Kids

The sharing economy makes it easy for people to connect via technology to share cars, bikes, homes offices, tools, pets -- and now children.


It’s fast-food fish season — and no, it’s not sustainable

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Carl's Jr. are rushing to introduce fish products in time for the Christian holiday Lent.


Celebrities to Obama: Fix the climate! Obama to celebrities: Sure, you got it

The oldest tactic in the book will certainly work this time! With Ian Somerhalder and Malin Akerman on board, how could it not?

Climate & Energy

Germany’s conservative environment minister kiboshes fracking

German politics, man. Who can understand it?

Climate & Energy

Are green jobs meant to help the economy or the jobless?

The New York Times and Gawker offer very different takes on the subject.

Climate & Energy

Can we blame climate change for the Northeast’s massive blizzard?

As always, not directly. But climate change very likely made a big storm bigger.