Rising sea levels will drown your Western art history course

About 140 of 720 UNESCO World Heritage sites surveyed will be underwater because of climate change, according to a new study.

Get off my lawn! Organic farmers just can’t get along with GMO-growing neighbors

A new survey finds that organic farmers in the U.S. incur significant financial losses due to GMO contamination from nearby farms.

You can thank Warren Buffett for many of those exploding oil trains

His Berkshire Hathaway investment group owns many of the flimsy rail cars used to transport oil, and it has vigorously fought tighter regulation.

That old, rusty underwater pipeline? Nothing to worry about!

Michiganders are loudly voicing their concerns about a 60-year-old oil pipeline that runs along the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac.

Drought-plagued California tries to drink the ocean (hold the salt)

Un-salted seawater might be one cure for California's water woes, and 17 new desalination projects are banking on it.

Hundreds arrested at anti-Keystone protest in front of White House

The student-led demonstration was the "largest youth civil disobedience at the White House in a generation," organizers said.

Low-lying islands are going to drown, so should we even bother trying to save their ecosystems?

Conservationists focus a lot of attention on imperiled islands. But if they're going to be inundated by rising seas, what's the point?

Most big countries have climate laws

But there are some notable exceptions. Ahem.

Millions of dolphins could be hurt as oil industry blasts along East Coast

The Obama administration has tentatively OK'd industry plans to conduct seismic tests in Atlantic waters. That could screw over marine mammals.