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Winery plans to chop down California redwoods to make room for vineyards

As the world warms, winemakers are moving into new regions. Along the California coast, that's bad news for redwoods.

Climate & Energy

Oil and gas train runs off tracks, explodes in Canada — again

A train laden with propane and oil jumped off the tracks in Alberta, triggering a big fire and causing a nearby town to be evacuated.

Climate & Energy

U.N. lists air pollution as carcinogen

If you want to avoid lung cancer, the United Nation's cancer-research body has some advice for you: Don't breathe.


America to EPA: We missed you, babe

Republicans cheered when EPA workers were furloughed. But poll results show that most Americans wanted those workers back on the job.


Welcome back, federal workers! Look how we screwed up your research

Climate research and other sciences took heavy hits when the federal government shut down for two weeks.

Climate & Energy

Colorado frackers pump out cash to ward off ballot initiatives

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association has spent more than $600,000 in its effort to defeat proposed fracking bans and suspensions in four cities.


GMO corn crop trials suspended in Mexico

A Mexican judge ordered a halt to GMO corn field trials planned by Monsanto and other international companies because of concerns about environmental impacts.

Climate & Energy

Australian scientists rescue wildlife by hand from changing climates

A new formula will help Australian scientists decide when a species should be evacuated from a landscape affected by climate change, and where it should be moved.

Climate & Energy

Greens sue EPA over Pacific Northwest’s increasingly acid waters

Carbon dioxide emissions have turned the Pacific Ocean off Oregon and Washington so acidic that shellfish are dying. The Center for Biological Diversity says that's a Clean Water Act violation.