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Canadian power plant is buying up Detroit’s pile of tar-sands waste, burning it

Detroit's huge pile of petcoke, waste from tar-sands refining, is gradually being shipped back up to Canada and burned to produce dirty electricity.

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Keystone XL isn’t even built yet and already it’s faulty

The southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline is riddled with dents and other anomalies, prompting TransCanada to dig it back up and replace faulty segments.

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California’s San Onofre nuclear plant gets final death blow

Southern California Edison is officially giving up on the perpetually troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant. Anti-nuke activists are psyched.

Climate & Energy

France looks at America, says non to fracking

The French energy minister wants to keep her country's fracking ban in place. Just look at what a mess fracking has made in America, she says.


Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris partied at Sean Parker’s eco-wrecking wedding

A tech billionaire trampled a redwood forest for his fantasy wedding, and two of California's most senior elected officials were at the obnoxious bash.


Whole Foods opens in Detroit, threatening stereotypes everywhere

The opening of a Whole Foods in inner-city Detroit has caused more fanfare than possibly any grocery-store debut in history. Why all the hoopla?

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Oklahoma’s cyclones were all kinds of freaky

Last week's flurry of tornadoes included the widest twister ever recorded in the U.S. and one tornado that spun backward.

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Gulf oil wells have been leaking since 2004 hurricane

Oil has been flowing into the Gulf of Mexico since a platform was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan -- and nobody's doing anything to stop it.


Monsanto says opponents may be to blame for GMO wheat escape

Monsanto's investigation into a rogue GMO outbreak can be summarized thusly: “Nothing is wrong at our end and everybody's crops are safe. Maybe our opponents planted our freak wheat to try to hurt us.”