USDA says crops will do better but food prices will do worse

Some crops may be doing better, the financial cost of last year's drought is only just now hitting our wallets.

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Tar Sands Blockaders tell their own story in a new documentary

"Blockadia Rising" relates the intense story of activists fighting the ongoing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in East Texas.

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Pipeline companies will get a $7 billion tax break through 2016

Sequestration? What's that?


Environmental, conservative, media organizations rank our lovable Congress

Turns out the House kind of sucked? We're looking into this.

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Louisiana may see the highest-rising seas in the world

Meaning that New Orleans is already well into a race for survival.


Meet Ernest Moniz, who may or may not be the next secretary of energy

Reaction from environmentalists has been mixed, to put it lightly.

How the junk food industry has encouraged us to eat ourselves to death

The tricks of the processed-food trade are horrifying, but they might also hold the key to marketing healthier stuff, a New York Times Magazine article suggests.


Farmers markets stand to benefit the poor the most

Low-income shoppers are actually the real farmers-market power users, according to a new report.

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Oil company executive swears at analyst, tries to get recording off the internet

So, here it is!