At least EPA is doing a little something to help bees

The agency still won't outlaw bee-killing pesticides, but it is funding research into reducing use of chemicals that harm pollinators.

Pesticide in frozen food sickens hundreds in Japan

Perhaps 1,000 people in Japan have been sickened by insecticide-laced foods, and more than 6 million packages of frozen food have been recalled.

Wind power kept the heaters working in Texas

Foul weather knocked some fossil-fuel power plants offline in Texas, leaving wind energy to save the day.

White House smacks down climate deniers in new video

Presidential science advisor John Holdren explains that cold weather does not in fact disprove global warming.

Wind power boom could see British factories operating at night

The national electrical grid might start paying factories to operate through the night when wind power is ample but electricity demand is normally low.

Washington coal export project dumped by Goldman Sachs

Wall Street is not so hot on coal anymore, and that means plans to build the West Coast's biggest coal export terminal are now on the rocks.

Yet another oil train explodes, this time in New Brunswick, Canada

A train carrying crude oil and propane jumped the tracks and burst into flames, triggering evacuations in a town just beyond the Maine border.

Court battle could force New Jersey to resume carbon trading

Enviros are trying to push the state back into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade program, despite opposition from Gov. Chris Christie.

Will the U.S. lift its 38-year ban on crude oil exports?

Oil companies and oil-loving politicians alike are anxious to ship U.S. oil abroad and are pushing for an end to the ban.