Climate & Energy

California releases draft rules for regulating fracking

The state doesn't seem to be very worried about earthquakes, though.

Climate & Energy

Caught on video: Mudslide from rain-soaked hill derails freight train

Luckily, the train wasn't carrying anything too toxic. But is this a preview?

Business & Technology

Walmart bribed its way around Mexico’s environmental rules

Millions in illegal payments paved the way for new Walmart stores in environmentally fragile and congested areas south of the border.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada outmaneuvers Keystone XL pipeline blockaders

TransCanada realized that it couldn't go through the tree-sitters, so it just built around them.

Climate & Energy

An oil spill at a bird sanctuary caps Staten Island’s terrible year

Knock on wood, anyway.


Adorable little Michigan town has big plans for cutting carbon emissions

Go get 'em, Ann Arbor! Maybe this will finally put you on the map.

Climate & Energy

Bringing back chestnut trees could fight climate change and give us tasty treats

Fungus wiped out America's chestnut trees more than 50 years ago, but they're making a comeback.

Climate & Energy

The U.S. could lose 34 million acres of forest by 2060

The massive decrease would result from increased development and, of course, climate change.


Traffic deaths are down, but pedestrian and cyclist deaths are up

Deaths involving motor vehicles fell 1.9 percent in 2011, the lowest level since 1949. The bad news is that drivers are killing the rest of us.

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