Organic farmers lose court battle with Monsanto

Monsanto says on its website that it won't sue organic farmers if trace amounts of its biotech genes wind up in their crops, and a federal court says that's good enough.

Climate & Energy

EV owners jolted by new taxes

At least 10 states are moving to impose new fees on electric vehicles or hybrids to make up for projected losses in gas-tax revenues.

Climate & Energy

Boulder and other Colorado cities try to fight fracking

The Boulder City Council unanimously passed a one-year moratorium on fracking, but it and other frack-averse Colorado cities are worried about lawsuits.

Business & Technology

Nicaragua may let Chinese company build a canal to rival Panama’s

Nicaragua's president is trying to ram a canal plan through his country's congress in less than two weeks. If successful, it'll create a new link between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Climate & Energy

U.S. and China team up to fight climate-changing HFCs

At a summit in California, Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to tackle hydrofluorocarbons, a lesser-known climate scourge.

Climate & Energy

How fracking companies exploit Amish farmers

Amish tradition frowns on lawsuits. Energy companies are taking advantage of that fact by leasing Amish farmers' land for way less than it's worth.

Climate & Energy

Canadian power plant is buying up Detroit’s pile of tar-sands waste, burning it

Detroit's huge pile of petcoke, waste from tar-sands refining, is gradually being shipped back up to Canada and burned to produce dirty electricity.

Climate & Energy

Keystone XL isn’t even built yet and already it’s faulty

The southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline is riddled with dents and other anomalies, prompting TransCanada to dig it back up and replace faulty segments.

Climate & Energy

California’s San Onofre nuclear plant gets final death blow

Southern California Edison is officially giving up on the perpetually troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant. Anti-nuke activists are psyched.