The budget turmoil may mean no meat inspectors — and no meat

This is likely just an empty threat from the president, but it's a good one.

Business & Technology

Are solar panels the worst thing for the environment ever? Um, no

But this Associated Press article about pollution from solar-panel manufacturing might lead you to believe otherwise.

Climate & Energy

Global wind capacity up 20 percent in 2012 — thanks in part to the U.S.’ monster December

The U.S. added just under half of its new wind capacity in December, thanks to tumultuous politics.


A fracking horror story: Do you know who owns what’s underneath your land?

More and more property owners are discovering what happens when frackers set their sights on underground minerals.

Business & Technology

Have coal companies been ripping Americans off even more than we already knew?

The Interior Department is investigating whether coal companies have been dodging royalty payments for coal mined from public land.

Climate & Energy

Unable to stop climate change, EPA prepares for it

A draft "Climate Change Adaptation Plan" outlines how global warming will muck with EPA's efforts to protect our air and water.

Climate & Energy

As emissions drop, Northeast tightens its cap-and-trade system

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative plans to slash the amount of allowable climate pollution. Conservatives, of course, are complaining.

Climate & Energy

Exelon issues dumbest threat in the history of dumb threats

Guys, we don't want to scare you, but building more wind turbines might kill off nuclear plants.


New York might allow public input on fracking study; Yoko doesn’t wait

And if the governor doesn't allow public comment, all you have to do is be famous and release a YouTube video. Done and done.