Climate & Energy

Wisconsin’s sand-mining boom could fuel fracking abroad

Wisconsin has just the right kind of sand for fracking, and industry wants to ship it around the world. But sand mining takes a serious environmental toll.


While EPA is furloughed, Republicans hold hearing to bash it

With the fed closed and a debt crisis looming, House Republicans still manage to hold a hearing on the real threat to the economy: the job-killing EPA.

Climate & Energy

For energy efficiency, Americans deserve a big thumbs-up

Even as America's economy and population continue to grow, its energy appetite is falling. That's thanks to big efficiency gains.


Americans cited for hiking on federal lands, but drillers can keep on drilling

You want to drill or log on federal lands? No problem. But don't you dare camp or hike there.

Climate & Energy

Huge North Dakota oil spill went unreported by furloughed feds

A spill of fracked oil from a pipeline was discovered two weeks ago, but we're only just learning about it.

Business & Technology

Big builders hoarding fracking rights beneath new homes

U.S. developers are selling new houses but keeping a little something for themselves: the right to lease the land beneath the houses to frackers.

Climate & Energy

One giant coal plant reopening in Minnesota, another shuttering in Massachusetts

A behemoth coal plant is being switched back on after two years of repairs. But a pending closure of another marks the 150th coal-plant shutdown since 2010.

Climate & Energy

Oil industry sues EPA over biofuel mandate

The American Petroleum Institute is fighting efforts to boost the percentage of biofuels in gasoline. Some green groups don't like the EPA's biofuel rules either.

Climate & Energy

Old Russian nukes provide 10 percent of U.S. electricity

But not for long. Russia is ending the deal that has sent cheap uranium from decommissioned warheads to American nuclear plants.