Business & Technology

Tiny twisters could power your town — someday

Canadian inventor Louis Michaud has a big idea, and now he has some big funders, too.


Pesticide chemicals linked to food allergies

A new study suggests a link between rising food allergies and our ubiquitous and beloved pesticides.

Climate & Energy

Seven states, led by New York, sue EPA over methane from oil and gas drilling

Perhaps seizing on post-Sandy sentiment, N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is leading this fight against greenhouse gas polluters.


New Yorkers create three pounds of garbage per person per day

That's actually a pound less than in 2000.


How eco-awful is your Christmas tree? Experts are split

Tree farms might soak up lots of carbon, but some critics still think renting a potted tree is better.

Climate & Energy

Coming soon to a horror movie near you: Antarctica is being invaded by king crabs

Warmer water on the seafloor has allowed king crabs to swarm into a previously inaccessible ecosystem.


Ohio fights a multi-front war against blight

State and city officials are going after blighted properties and empowering citizens to clean up their own neighborhoods, too.


Republicans are having lots of fun objecting to Sandy relief funding

Though some people are still without power on Long Island, Republicans still think it's a good time to try to score a political point.

Climate & Energy

Department of Energy announces millions in grants to offshore wind projects

Which will no doubt prompt some opposition from conservatives.

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