Climate & Energy

Biofuel program could invite giant grass invasion

American farmers can now start growing humongous 20-foot-tall grasses to produce biofuel under a federal clean energy program.


Pepsi: Cancer for a new generation?

Pepsi still contains caramel coloring that has been shown to cause cancer in rats, more than a year after it promised a national phaseout.

Climate & Energy

Climate change could be leading to more El Ninos

El Niño events appear to have become more commonplace as the globe has warmed, a new study finds. Meanwhile, another study could make El Niños easier to predict.

Climate & Energy

Volcanic rock may be used as giant wind-energy battery

Surplus power from wind turbines could be stored in underground porous rocks produced by volcanic eruptions, say scientists in the Northwest.

Climate & Energy

Nothing to sneeze at: Climate change is making your allergies worse

Allergy doctors across the country report an uptick in patient visits, and scientists are straightforward about the climate connection.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatens Maine’s lobsters

Lobsters have been abundant in the Gulf of Maine in recent years, but scientists warn that climate change might yet sicken some and drive others away.


Oil spill stretches 10 miles down a river in Mississippi

More than 200 barrels of oil spewed out of a malfunctioning oil well in rural Mississippi, contaminating the Chickasawhay River.

Climate & Energy

How suburban sprawl makes wildfires more deadly

Exurban development patterns not only worsen climate change, they also make residents more vulnerable to one of its effects.

Climate & Energy

Energy companies say releasing CO2 data would jeopardize trade secrets

The EPA wants to know how much CO2 energy companies are emitting, but the companies argue that they shouldn't have to spill such "trade secrets."