Frack-happy Colorado clamps down on methane pollution

Colorado will soon become the first state in the nation to regulate methane leaks from fracking operations and other natural gas companies.

Big polluters tell Supreme Court they’re worried for Chinese restaurateurs

Major emitters claim to be concerned that the EPA could crack down on CO2 from millions of small businesses, even though the EPA has no intention of doing so.

Oil is spilling from trains, pipelines … and now barges

River barges are increasingly being used to transport crude. The recent spill into the Mississippi River shows why that's not such a great idea.

Fracking infrastructure? Not in my backyard, says Exxon CEO

A Texas utility has had the nerve to plan a water tower right next to Rex Tillerson’s own horse ranch!

World’s biggest offshore wind farm won’t expand because of birds

Utilities have scrapped expansion plans for a wind farm off the coast of England because they can't satisfy government demands to protect a common bird.

Can farmed fish go vegetarian?

Most farmed fish are fed pellets made of smaller fish -- not a great idea if you want to protect ocean ecosystems. So researchers are trying out alternative diets.

These are dark days for the Arctic — literally

As ice and snow melt, the surface of the Arctic is getting darker, and that's causing it to absorb more heat. A new study finds this problem is worse than expected.

Obama to trucking industry: “No more rampant gas consumption for you!”

The president continues to push past Congress and take action against climate change, this time with new fuel-efficiency standards for large trucks.

Tea industry claims it will undertake heroic efforts to become more sustainable

The tea business can be pretty ugly, so tea giants now say they have a plan to get greener and turn tea into a "hero crop" by 2030.