Biden drops by the Green Inaugural Ball to say thanks

It wasn't Biden's only stop last night.


There’s a hole in my plastic-bag law

In Alameda County, Calif., stores are getting around the new plastic-bag ban by calling plastic bags "reusable."

Climate & Energy

There’s too much garbage for just two garbage patches

Scientists have discovered a new floating garbage island off the coast of Chile.

Business & Technology

Boeing’s efficient Dreamliner planes are especially efficient at battery fires

The 787 is designed to be a "super-efficient" airplane, but the batteries that make that efficiency possible have been causing big problems.

Climate & Energy

More than half the U.S. is still in drought, and it’s likely to last through April

A little winter isn't going to stop the worst drought in decades.

Climate & Energy

Oil companies turn to trains instead of Enbridge’s leaky pipes

Canadian pipeline company Enbridge is losing business as oil companies increasingly ship their product by rail instead of pipeline.

Business & Technology

Nearly half of new U.S. power capacity in 2012 was renewable — mostly wind

The threatened expiration of the wind tax credit meant that the end of 2012 was huge for the wind industry.

Business & Technology

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey knows what’s best for you, and fighting climate change ain’t it

Mackey stirred up controversy by saying Obamacare is "fascist." His latest climate-denier comments got less attention.


New York’s Sandy-flooded South Ferry subway station is still a useless mess

New photos suggest that it's not going to be ready for use for at least another year, and repairs are expected to run $600 million or more.