Green and lefty groups band together, pledge millions to fight right-wing evildoing

Leaders of the Sierra Club, NAACP, and other liberal groups have formed the Democracy Initiative to combat big money in politics and voter suppression.


N.Y. Gov. Cuomo lays out a plan to fight climate change, increase clean energy

In his State of the State address, Cuomo calls for $1 billion in green-economy funds, an electric-car charging network, and a tighter CO2 cap.

Climate & Energy

In one Australia town, it’s too hot even to pump gasoline

... While others are in danger of being burned to the ground.


Va. governor: Tax alternative fuel vehicles, not gasoline

The revenue lost will be made up by an increase in taxes on transit riders, among others.

Climate & Energy

Virginia politician’s job isn’t to worry about Virginia’s future environment

"I can't ban something because of something that might happen 500 or 1,000 years from now," says dummy.

Climate & Energy

America’s oil imports to hit 25-year low by 2014

Thanks to our domestic oil boom, "petroleum engineer" has become one of the hottest jobs in the country.

Climate & Energy

It’s official: 2012 was the warmest year on record for the U.S.

Last year was a full degree warmer than the next-warmest year of 1998.


Interior pledges ‘high-level review’ of Shell’s Arctic farce

Rest assured, though: the government insists that it is committed to drilling in the Arctic.


New food-safety rules are not making us feel all that nauseated

Both food-safety advocates and the food industry seem to like the rules aimed at preventing food-borne illness. Too bad they're so slow in coming.

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