Business & Technology

Coal keeps on selling, lawsuits and bad economics be damned

Watch Peabody Energy sell tons of coal even as you read about why it shouldn't sell any at all.

Climate & Energy

Kyoto’s first phase expires as greenhouse gas emissions and dirty energy use spike

Ah, well. It was worth a shot.

Climate & Energy

Shell squeezes one last Arctic screwup into 2012

Capping a year of mishaps in the Arctic, Shell beached one of its drilling rigs on an Alaskan island.


Hyper-dysfunctional Congress punts on Sandy relief

The least productive Congress in a generation is adjourning without allocating any aid at all for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


The hottest race of 2013: House climate hawk Markey is gunning for Kerry’s Senate seat

Ed Markey looks likely to be the Democratic nominee in a Massachusetts special election, and Scott Brown looks likely to be his GOP opponent.

Climate & Energy

Wind-energy tax credit would get extension under ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

It appears that a deal in the works to avert the fiscal cliff would extend a critical tax credit for the wind-power industry for one year.

Climate & Energy

It’s a sports dome and a hurricane shelter all in one

Twenty-eight double-duty domes are going up along the Texas Gulf Coast thanks to funding from FEMA.


Peer-to-peer sharing went big in 2012 — and so did opposition

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and others are growing fast, to the horror of government regulators and established businesses.

Business & Technology

It’s high-speed rail vs. farmers in California

A planned bullet train linking California's major cities would cut through hundreds of the state's prized Central Valley farms.