California enjoys and/or suffers from a historic baby bust

The Golden State's birthrate has dropped to 1.94 and economists are freaking out.

Business & Technology

BP kinda hoping the government can ignore a few hundred million barrels of spilled Gulf oil

After all, paying for what they did is already pretty expensive.


Why the environmental movement couldn’t get cap-and-trade passed

A new study from a Harvard political scientist offers suggestions on winning climate fights -- over time.

Business & Technology

Shell’s Arctic drilling flunks even the lax air pollution standards it weakened

The hits keep on coming.

Climate & Energy

Beijing air pollution goes off the charts as electricity use climbs

The thick yellow air over China's capital city bodes poorly for life in its still-hot economy.


Pinnacles in California named as 59th national park

But under Obama, far, far less land has been protected than under other recent presidents -- even George W. Bush.


German neo-Nazis take to organic farming

Environmentalism is not necessarily Green.


Fixing a broken gas tax could fix broken roads

Gas tax income is falling as cars get more efficient. Can drivers stand to be taxed per mile driven instead?

Climate & Energy

Shell gets massive, involuntary aid package from Alaska, U.S. Coast Guard, and you

Here's how many resources the state and Coast Guard used to help rescue the Kulluk -- and how they'll try to get repaid.

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