Historic lawsuit alleges ag-gag is unconstitutional

Ag-gag laws bar people from recording what happens at factory farms. Utah's ag-gag law is being challenged in the first lawsuit of its kind.

Climate & Energy

ExxonMobil subsidiary, with arm twisted behind back, agrees to treat fracking wastewater

XTO Energy will spend $20 million to treat wastewater from its fracking operations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia after it was prosecuted for Clean Water Act violations.

Climate & Energy

Solar and wind surge, but dirty energy still dominates, as this nifty chart shows

Solar energy production in the U.S. jumped by 49 percent last year, and wind energy by 16 percent, but we still have a long way to go.

Business & Technology

Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again

Automakers now offer an array of discount leases and perks that make electric cars accessible for a much broader segment of the population.


Seattle mayor wants to block Whole Foods because of its low wages

Mike McGinn is leading the charge against a proposed new store, saying Whole Foods pays significantly less than unionized grocery stores.


Wild thing, I think I need you: How weeds could save dinner

Scientists are racing to study and conserve wild varieties of crops before they disappear. Such weeds could bolster agricultural yields as the climate changes.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how wind and solar can save more lives and prevent more pollution

Renewable energy would have greater social benefit in states that are currently reliant on coal, a new study suggests.

Climate & Energy

No one knows how to stop these tar-sands oil spills

An underground oil blowout at a tar-sands operation in Alberta has caused thousands of barrels of bitumen to burble up into forest areas.

Business & Technology

Electric vehicle sales are skyrocketing

Sales of plug-in vehicles tripled from 2011 to 2012, and have so far more than doubled this year. The low cost of powering the cars is one factor -- just $1.18 per gallon on average.