Climate & Energy

Keystone XL protestor cleverly disrupts Valero golf tournament, explains how he did it

An anti-tar-sands activist got his message onto an official tournament sign, embarrassing sponsor Valero, one of the oil companies pushing Keystone XL.

Climate & Energy

Climate change curriculum for American kids watered down

New science education guidelines call for teaching climate change, but those lessons will begin later and be shallower than originally planned.


Sally Jewell will now be your interior secretary

The Senate has given its OK to Obama's interior nominee, who's worked most recently as CEO of REI and who started her career as an oil engineer.

Business & Technology

Just, um, do it? Climate action, sponsored by Nike

The Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy coalition wants President Obama to see how expensive climate change can be.

Climate & Energy

Coal-mining jobs on the rise under Obama

Despite industry claims of a war on coal, there have been 15.3 percent more coal-mining jobs on average under Obama than there were under Bush.

Climate & Energy

Michigan neighbors sue to shut down new wind farm

Property owners say nearby wind turbines are causing them health problems. Meanwhile, a new paper finds no evidence that "wind turbine syndrome" exists.

Climate & Energy

Skiers and snowboarders to Obama: Save our snow!

Professional winter athletes plead with the president to cut carbon pollution and reject Keystone XL. They say our white winters depend on it.

Climate & Energy

Toxic algae is wiping out Florida’s manatees

At least 463 manatees have died in Florida so far this year, more than half because of a toxic red tide.


North Carolina joins rush to protect animal abusers

It's the latest state to consider a bill that would crack down on animal rights activists who expose cruelty at factory farms and food processing plants.