Tar-sands mining in Canada is unleashing mercury pollution

As if the oil-sands operations in Alberta weren't bad enough, here's another way they're polluting the environment.

North Dakota’s oil is more flammable than other crudes, feds warn

A trio of fiery train crashes prompted the federal government to warn that oil fracked from the Bakken shale formation is especially dangerous.

Climate coverage ballooned last year, except at The New York Times

Mainstream news outlets around the world boosted their coverage of climate change and related issues last year.

Cloud shortage will push temperatures higher as climate warms

The latest climate forecast calls for clearer skies. Here's why that is terrible news.

At least there’s one positive thing happening because of climate change

Farmers in the Himalayan foothills can now grow more of their own fruits and vegetables.

Mangroves are marching northward

As Florida warms up, coastal mangroves are on the move, and that could be bad news for other ecosystems.

The Canadian government doesn’t want you to get the mistaken impression that it takes climate change seriously

When the IPCC climate report came out last year, Canada's environment minister had planned to say something mildly sensible, then thought better of it.

Another oil-hauling train explodes, forcing evacuations in North Dakota

No one was hurt, but the disaster drove people from their homes and was "too close for comfort," said the local mayor.

Antarctic researchers rescued following icy ordeal

Climate scientists trying study a melting iceberg were trapped for more than a week after sea ice engulfed their vessel. No, that doesn't disprove climate change.