Climate & Energy

As oil production hits a 14-year high, a look at how it affects one North Dakota family

U.S. oil production is surging, thanks in large part to fracking in North Dakota. The Guardian explores what that means for state residents.

Climate & Energy

Ghana will soon be home to the largest solar farm in Africa

The 155-megawatt solar plant in western Ghana is expected to be the fourth-largest in the world when it's completed in 2015.


Scot who stood up to Trump development deservedly named ‘Top Scot’

Michael Forbes has fought Donald Trump's obnoxious plans to build a golf course in Scotland, winning him the praise of every living human, or at least every living Scot.

Climate & Energy

Huge, unusual storm slams into Philippines because that is what happens all the time now

Typhoon Bopha has happily done limited damage, thanks in part to good preparation.

Business & Technology

Bumps on the road to EV infrastructure in California

If California builds it, will drivers go electric?

Climate & Energy

Fossil fuels beat renewables in race for state and local incentives

The New York Times has pulled together data on state and city incentives for business, and we take a closer look at the energy subsidies.


Justice Department ditches Monsanto investigation

After almost three years of digging into Monsanto's potentially anticompetitive practices, the feds aren't saying why they're walking away.

Climate & Energy

The next big U.N. climate report will not include the massive effects of permafrost melt

The IPCC's upcoming report will ignore the feedback loop of melting permafrost, which prompts Climate Progress' Joe Romm to have a justifiable conniption.


Traffic signals for cyclists pop up nationwide

Traffic lights specifically designed for bike-riders provide a little more time to pedal through big, complex intersections.

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