Business & Technology

Green car sales were up in 2012, and should be even more up in 2013

Hybrid and electric cars account for just a tiny fraction of U.S. auto sales -- 3.3 percent in 2012. But that tiny fraction is growing fast!

Climate & Energy

Sea-level rise could be way, way worse than we already thought

Melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica could push sea levels up more than three feet by 2100, according to a survey of top glaciologists.


League of Women Voters ad asks Obama for climate action

Here's hoping the president reads the newspaper while on vacation.


GMO labeling initiative gets rolling in Washington state

A similar ballot measure was killed in California last year. Can a grassroots effort defeat big corporate money this time around?

Climate & Energy

A ‘fusion’ of good news: Solar stocks are ‘hot’ thanks to Warren Buffett’s ‘flare’

A subsidiary of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has paid $2.5 billion for one of the world's largest solar projects. The solar industry rejoices.

Climate & Energy

Climate change may ruin Lake Tahoe’s beautiful blueness

Not to mention the area's ski resorts.

Climate & Energy

Chevron’s own firefighters might have contributed to Richmond refinery fire

After one pipe exploded, Chevron's firefighters might have accidentally triggered the explosion of another one.


W.Va. congressmember compares EPA head to Gadhafi

Rep. David McKinley doesn't much like EPA chief Lisa Jackson. We have a theory why.

Business & Technology

Surprise: Shell’s rig ran aground in Alaska because the company was trying to avoid taxes

To get out of paying $6 million in state taxes, Shell decided to try to tow a drilling rig from Alaska to Seattle in the middle of a storm.

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