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Keystone blockaders outmaneuvered but not defeated

In the trees, the streets, and the courts, protesters vow to keep fighting against TransCanada's tar-sands pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Winter storm ‘Draco’ will solve, cause many problems

A big snowstorm in the Midwest will help alleviate drought, but the country still needs a lot more precipitation.


Lions and tigers and bears(!) are moving to the cities

As our cities get greener, wild animals are moving on in.

Climate & Energy

Something is leaking from the Deepwater Horizon site, but it’s not clear what

We have some theories.

Climate & Energy

Time’s Person of the Year talks climate a tiny, tiny bit

Congratulations, Mr. President. You've earned it, I guess.


Controversial California oyster farm fights to stay

Environmentalists are split: Should they support a sustainable oyster operation or pure, seal-friendly wilderness?


NYC’s public transit system will raise fares — because what choice does it have?

The hike may be less regressive than you'd assume.

Climate & Energy

California releases draft rules for regulating fracking

The state doesn't seem to be very worried about earthquakes, though.

Climate & Energy

Caught on video: Mudslide from rain-soaked hill derails freight train

Luckily, the train wasn't carrying anything too toxic. But is this a preview?