Climate policy is dominating Australian election

Carbon pricing is the big political topic down under right now, in the run-up to a federal election to be held later this year.


California cities want paint makers to remove lead from homes

In a trial that began this week, the cities are trying to force paint companies to clean up hazardous lead paint in 5 million homes.

Climate & Energy

China plans a major solar spree

The country plans to quadruple its solar generation capacity by 2015, taking advantage of cheap solar panel prices caused by a supply glut.

Climate & Energy

Here’s an easy way to protect coastal communities from rising seas and storms

Leaving mangroves, coral reefs, and other shoreline habitats intact around the U.S. could help protect more than a million people, researchers say.


Here’s how the Koch brothers retaliate against journalists they don’t like

One reporter looked into the Kochs' interests in the Canadian oil industry and soon found himself under attack in Facebook and Google ads.


Positive buzz: One bumblebee species makes a comeback

In a hopeful sign for bee fans, the once-common Western bumblebee has been glimpsed in Washington state for the first time since the mid-90s.


FDA moves to keep arsenic out of your apple juice

The agency is proposing new limits on the amount of cancer-causing arsenic allowed in apple juice. Arsenic contamination can be caused by pesticides.

Climate & Energy

Campaign to roll back state renewable programs is a flop so far

The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council has been pushing state bills to undermine renewable portfolio standards -- and losing.


Good news for penguins: World’s largest marine reserve could be established around Antarctica

Major nations are considering proposals to protect more than 1.5 million square miles of ocean. But will Russia and skeptical countries go along?