Climate & Energy

How the shale boom came to North Dakota — and how it’s spreading west

There's lots of shale oil in Colorado and California too, but residents of those states are more suspicious of fracking.


Dodge made ‘God made a farmer’ Super Bowl ad, and I made an angry face

Dodge's whitewashed ad wasn't honoring farm work as it exists in America today.


China’s pollution reaches Japan. Next stop: California

The record levels of soot pollution are making their way around the world, as air pollution tends to do.


Americans spent 4 percent of household income on gas in 2012

Even though Americans are using less gas, we're paying more for it. And that's making oil companies rich.

Climate & Energy

Another week, another oil tanker hijacking

Pirate attacks on oil tankers near Nigeria have increased dramatically.

Climate & Energy

Super Bowl power outage somehow Obama’s fault, apparently

Seems the battle over energy will outlive the 2012 campaign.

Climate & Energy

Right-wingers want to teach kids that climate change is a fairy tale

Three states have introduced bills requiring schools to teach that climate change is "controversial." Thanks, American Legislative Exchange Council.

Business & Technology

California high-speed rail construction not exactly moving at high speed

Less than six months from breaking ground, and California still hasn't bought any of the land it needs for its new high-speed rail line.

Business & Technology

Lawmakers call for end to animal-deafening, oil-finding offshore surveys

Not that this means the surveys will actually stop.