Duke Energy hires a congressman

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) will soon be working on "federal affairs" for Duke. But don't worry. It's all copacetic and a good sign for the environment, according to a former Shuler employee.

Climate & Energy

U.K. flooding prompts now-standard question: How will we pay for this?

The U.K. has gotten drenched over the last few days. Thanks to climate change, it will be experiencing -- and paying for -- a lot more floods in the future.

Senate works to bring dead polar bears into the U.S.

Because if there's one thing America needs to see more of, it's dead polar bears.


Your local beach may be getting slightly cleaner, or maybe not

Tightened EPA guidelines on allowable bacteria levels at beaches would be more effective if mandatory.


FDA shutters tainted peanut butter manufacturer

In a first-of-its-kind action, the agency closes a plant linked to a salmonella outbreak earlier this year.


California’s Central Valley is tired of taking Los Angeles’ shit



Can’t we just skip ahead to the end of this U.N. climate conference already?

We've seen this movie so many times before.


Attempts to kill renewable energy just got dumber

The Heartland Institute, last seen blithely celebrating its ridiculous anti-climate billboards, is excited about its new project.

Climate & Energy

While we dither on spending to prevent disaster, Big Oil doubles down on causing it

Damage to New York from Sandy will run $19 billion -- but we don't seem to want to prevent it happening again.

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