Climate & Energy

How coal is keeping its firm grip on miners and elected officials

A lawsuit against a whistleblower, huge contributions to Congress: The coal industry spends big, but it still won't spend to clean up its act.


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to ride off into the sunset

At first greens and urbanists were skeptical of the Republican from Illinois, but now they're sorry to see him go.

Climate & Energy

As Sandy aid finally arrives, FEMA unveils new flood maps

With a fatal flaw: The new flood zone designations ignore climate change.

Climate & Energy

Almost half of all coal burned in the world is burned in China

Which bodes poorly for just about every possible climate and health metric.

Climate & Energy

Texas is thinking about giving its oil and gas inspectors guns

Nothing helps resolve tense, volatile situations like firearms.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada accidentally starts building Keystone XL on land it doesn’t own

It probably got confused after sniffing tar-sands fumes.


Beijing’s recurring air pollution grounds flights, puts kids in the hospital

It seems clear that the problem isn't going away any time soon.


Are you a terrible person for eating quinoa?

Read our definitive take on the non-definitive debate about the booming global quinoa market.

Climate & Energy

Waste heat from cities can heat up other parts of the planet

Cities can help solve climate change, but a new study finds that urban areas are also contributing to climate disruption in an unexpected way.