Justice Department ditches Monsanto investigation

After almost three years of digging into Monsanto's potentially anticompetitive practices, the feds aren't saying why they're walking away.

Climate & Energy

The next big U.N. climate report will not include the massive effects of permafrost melt

The IPCC's upcoming report will ignore the feedback loop of melting permafrost, which prompts Climate Progress' Joe Romm to have a justifiable conniption.


Traffic signals for cyclists pop up nationwide

Traffic lights specifically designed for bike-riders provide a little more time to pedal through big, complex intersections.


Supreme Court takes on dirty water

The Supreme Court this week will hear three stormwater-runoff cases: two on logging roads in the Northwest, one on L.A.'s filthy outflow.

Business & Technology

Wanna know what’s in that fracking fluid? Tough

A Texas law requiring companies to disclose what's in fracking fluid has a loophole: If the info is a "trade secret," they don't have to tell.

Climate & Energy

Renewable energy consumption is expected to keep rising in the U.S. — sort of

Renewables in the U.S. are expected to increase 4.2 percent this year, but that trend could get quashed if Congress doesn't renew a tax credit for wind power.

Climate & Energy

Is it just us, or does it seem a little warm for December?

It's December, the time of year when you just want to huddle up with a roaring fire to provide comfort from the … unseasonably warm temperatures outside.

Climate & Energy

The world is producing 2.4 million pounds of CO2 a second

Meaning that the stark, unhappy statement of total 2011 production we made a few weeks ago was too low.


Are trendy homesteaders clueless about class differences?

Gardening and sewing clothes aren't just activities for hipsters. They've long been practiced by the poor.

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