Climate & Energy

We answer your questions about the coming East Coast blizzard

Or, we try, anyway. And yes, The Weather Channel has actually named the storm "Nemo."


Marco Rubio keeps digging deeper on climate denial

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Rubio compiles a greatest-hits list of nonsense and inaccuracy.


TransCanada is getting everyone it knows to hustle Obama on Keystone

Including its CEO and its BFFs on the Hill.


The USDA is gearing up to steal candy from babies

The Department of Agriculture plans to crack down on greasy 'n' sweet snacks sold in school vending machines and lunch lines.


USDA report predicts all manner of end-times for crops and forests

From droughts to swarms of insects, the USDA predicts a rough future for crops and forests.


New-old disaster aid may be coming for troubled farmers

A stopgap measure being considered in Congress could help drought-stricken farmers, but we'll still be waiting on that Farm Bill ...


Anti-Agenda 21 bill is back in Arizona, wants to eat your brains

It failed last year, but Arizona state senators are back with another attempt at outlawing sustainability.


International plan for a spill in the Arctic: If anything happens, pick up the phone

Greenpeace rails against an impotent draft document from the Arctic Council -- with good reason.

Climate & Energy

Alaska ignores climate change, so Iditarod dogs will just need to evolve thinner coats

Warning: This post may make you sympathetic to Sarah Palin.