Climate & Energy

BP stops cleanup in three Gulf states — and starts funding a new beachfront hotel

As cleanup efforts conclude (despite tar balls still washing ashore), the focus turns to coastal restoration. Does a hotel count as coastal restoration?

Climate & Energy

Coal companies get sweetheart deals on federal leases, shortchange taxpayers

The Bureau of Land Management is undercharging coal companies for mining rights, costing the U.S. treasury tens of millions of dollars, says the Interior Department's inspector general.

Climate & Energy

Bloomberg unveils ambitious plan to protect NYC from climate change

The plan, estimated to cost $20 billion, covers everything from erecting bulkheads and levees to retrofitting old buildings to protecting the city’s power infrastructure.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how the world can get on track with climate goals

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and climate talks continue to fail, but there are still things we can do to avoid climate apocalypse. Here are four of them.

Climate & Energy

NOAA weather-monitoring program hit by sequester cuts

After its plan to meet sequester demands by furloughing weather forecasters was nixed, NOAA is proposing to take funds away from a state-of-the-art satellite program.


Organic farmers lose court battle with Monsanto

Monsanto says on its website that it won't sue organic farmers if trace amounts of its biotech genes wind up in their crops, and a federal court says that's good enough.

Climate & Energy

EV owners jolted by new taxes

At least 10 states are moving to impose new fees on electric vehicles or hybrids to make up for projected losses in gas-tax revenues.

Climate & Energy

Boulder and other Colorado cities try to fight fracking

The Boulder City Council unanimously passed a one-year moratorium on fracking, but it and other frack-averse Colorado cities are worried about lawsuits.

Business & Technology

Nicaragua may let Chinese company build a canal to rival Panama’s

Nicaragua's president is trying to ram a canal plan through his country's congress in less than two weeks. If successful, it'll create a new link between the Atlantic and Pacific.