Bristol Bay

Hundreds of scientists urge EPA to reject Pebble Mine

A proposed gold and copper mine near Alaska’s fish-rich Bristol Bay would be a terrible idea, 360 scientists say in a letter to the EPA.


Will Obama do the right thing on ozone and smog this time around?

Obama has been as bad as Bush when it comes to curbing ground-level ozone pollution. But soon he'll have another chance to get ozone rules right.

chicken factory farm

Can we save Chesapeake Bay from chicken crap?

A bill in Maryland would make poultry producers pay five cents a bird to help protect the bay from chicken-waste runoff.


Is fracking pollution deforming babies?

Infants born near fracking sites in Colorado were found to suffer from elevated rates of congenital heart defects and neural tube defects.

chili plant

Federal climate hubs will help farmers adapt

It's another way the Obama administration is pushing ahead on climate initiatives without the cooperation of Congress.

coal and money

Step right up, Big Coal, for America’s Big Coal Giveaway

It's bad enough that the U.S. leases out so many coal tracts. Even worse is that it does so at way-below-market prices, as a new report confirms.

A fire in California

Climate change means more wildfires, and that means lots more air pollution

In California, air pollution from wildfires is expected to soar over the coming decades, according to new research.

Old boat on the Chott el-Jérid Salt Lake, Tunisia

Tunisia’s new constitution calls for climate protection

The country that kicked off the Arab Spring has now committed to fighting global warming.

Dan River Steam Station

Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

Just last month, Duke Energy insisted there was no reason to clean up its coal-ash piles. Oops.