The new head of the House Science Committee is indifferent to science

Rep. Lamar Smith, tapped to chair the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, is a climate skeptic who likes to make climate jokes.

Business & Technology

Tobacco companies ordered to admit deception. Heads up, coal industry

A judge has ordered tobacco companies to run ads admitting they lied about the health effects of cigarettes. Can you think of any other lying industries?

Climate & Energy

Sea levels are rising 60 percent faster than expected

Incidentally, I'm selling lovely beachfront property in West Virginia.


EPA: No new contracts for you, BP (but keep the old ones)

It's another punishment for the 2010 oil spill -- and another punishment that doesn't seem that harsh.

Climate & Energy

California is about to get drenched by an ‘atmospheric river’

The real Pineapple Express is an "atmospheric river" capable of turning the state's Central Valley into a lake -- and it's rolling through this week.


Why New York ran out of gas

Reuters has an extensive look at why the New York area ran out of fuel after Sandy.

Climate & Energy

Obama signs bill exempting U.S. airlines from E.U. carbon plan

In his first post-election test on the climate, President Obama gets an F-minus.


Duke Energy hires a congressman

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) will soon be working on "federal affairs" for Duke. But don't worry. It's all copacetic and a good sign for the environment, according to a former Shuler employee.

Climate & Energy

U.K. flooding prompts now-standard question: How will we pay for this?

The U.K. has gotten drenched over the last few days. Thanks to climate change, it will be experiencing -- and paying for -- a lot more floods in the future.

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