Climate & Energy

Wind-energy tax credit would get extension under ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

It appears that a deal in the works to avert the fiscal cliff would extend a critical tax credit for the wind-power industry for one year.

Climate & Energy

It’s a sports dome and a hurricane shelter all in one

Twenty-eight double-duty domes are going up along the Texas Gulf Coast thanks to funding from FEMA.


Peer-to-peer sharing went big in 2012 — and so did opposition

Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and others are growing fast, to the horror of government regulators and established businesses.

Business & Technology

It’s high-speed rail vs. farmers in California

A planned bullet train linking California's major cities would cut through hundreds of the state's prized Central Valley farms.


New Hawaii senator says climate change is urgent

Brian Schatz (D) marked his appointment to the U.S. Senate with a strong statement on global warming.


Holiday shopping is down, mall blight is up

This holiday shopping season may have been the slowest since 2008, thanks in part to extreme weather and a warmer winter.

Climate & Energy

The $400 million plan to unsink a giant cruise ship

If the plan fails, the world's biggest passenger ship crash could still prove catastrophic for the protected coast of Tuscany.


Meat company sues USDA to speed up horse meat sales

Valley Meat Co. hopes you'll try your next bowl of New Mexico's famous chili with some ground Black Beauty.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has left the building

President Obama's lead environmental regulator leaves a record with some signal achievements but little headway on the biggest climate challenges.