Climate & Energy

Fossil-fuel extraction on public land yields massive economic boom, kind of

The $12 billion the U.S. government earned by selling off publicly owned oil, gas, and coal is just a smiiiidge offset by some other costs.


Nearly half of Los Angeles car accidents are hit-and-runs

Last year, 100 pedestrians and 24 bicyclists were killed in traffic-related accidents.

Climate & Energy

One way to keep prices low: Let people die

The Times' graphic description of the fire at a Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer is a graphic depiction of externalized costs.


Hundreds of new winter farmers markets open for the season

There are 52 percent more farmers markets open this winter than there were last winter. Stock up on that kale!


How New York’s poor ended up along its vulnerable coast

Decades-old urban planning efforts have resulted in many lower-income New Yorkers living along the city's coastlines.

Climate & Energy

Will the devastated monarch butterfly take flight again?

Activists are working to help these cute bugs rise to their former glory.


House GOP finds perfect energy committee staffer in the energy industry

I know! We were surprised, too!

Climate & Energy

Natural gas is eating coal’s lunch in the Southeast

The Southeastern U.S., traditionally a coal-reliant area, is gradually shifting to natural gas as an electricity source.


China’s going greener, even if it means flattening 700 mountains

Expanding the country's dirtiest city will mean flattening the landscape.

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