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Fracking updates interspersed with jokes

Fracking in the news! Lots of news about fracking! Step right up, get your fracking news!


Boston has a few thousand gas leaks it shouldn’t worry about

Thanks to aging underground pipelines, natural gas is leaking out in more than 3,300 spots around Boston. In six locations, the leaks are big.


Chevron is newly concerned about politicians being influenced by money

File this under "irony" and "chutzpah."


San Francisco approves micro apartments

San Francisco is changing the city building code to allow for "micro-unit apartments" that boast only 150 square feet of living space.


Celebrate Food Workers Week by being uncharacteristically nice at the grocery store

While you're rushing about buying cranberries and sweet potatoes, remember to thank the people who grow, pick, deliver, and prepare your food.


The WTO may halt Ontario’s clean energy program

Ontario requires that a percentage of its wind and solar projects be provided by Ontario companies. The WTO says that's illegal. Dick move, WTO.


Butterball not answering meaty questions about turkey treatment

Americans' taste for turkey is waning, maybe because of bad practices by the nation's biggest holiday bird purveyor.


Why are there more traffic deaths in red states?

A quick look at the data reveals that there is a third factor at play.


Hawaii is overflowing with solar power because it’s obnoxiously perfect

This is why everyone hates Hawaii. Things like this.

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