Could the sharing economy kill public transit?

The guy who brought you NextBus now kind of wants to kill buses altogether.

Business & Technology

Hey evil coal boss: Is it also Obama’s fault if you’re hiring workers back?

If reports are correct, Robert Murray is back in the hiring game, despite wailing about Obama's reelection.


Kerry comes out strong for clean energy in nomination hearing

On Keystone XL permit approval, though, he punts.

Climate & Energy

Cool job posting: Earn $20 pretending to hate wind energy

If you'll be in Manhattan next week, contact Ovation to get your $20 for opposing U.K. wind development.


Utah Republican proposes bill to prepare for climate-change-worsened wildfires

At the same time, a group of doctors warned Utahns about Salt Lake City's poor air quality.

Business & Technology

Shell wins prestigious award for ineptitude

Our congratulations go out to the company for its impressive victory.

Climate & Energy

World leaders emitted 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 getting to Davos

And will double that amount getting home.


Americans are consuming less high-fructose corn syrup

At the same time, we're consuming more sugar -- but not that much more. Overall, production and consumption of sweeteners is going down in the U.S.


Kerry’s new gig weighing in on Keystone means giving up Keystone-related stocks

Remember when Susan Rice had those investments in companies linked to Keystone XL? Turns out John Kerry has some too.