Climate & Energy

Court: Polar bear habitat that interferes with oil drilling has to go

Because bears are cute, but money is cuter.


California cold snaps farmers’ crops

Freezing temperatures threaten the state's citrus crops. And of course this is only a taste of the climate chaos to come.

Business & Technology

U.S. renewable investment drops in 2012 — but still hits second-highest level ever

The story was the same internationally.


‘Soul Food Junkies’ digs into African American food history and habits

Byron Hurt's film aims to "speak directly to an African American audience" in ways that other food films haven't.

Climate & Energy

The 32 most alarming charts from the government’s climate change report

The government’s new climate-change report is loaded with charts that outline the heat waves, droughts, and floods that will become the new normal where you live. Here are the 32 scariest.


California enjoys and/or suffers from a historic baby bust

The Golden State's birthrate has dropped to 1.94 and economists are freaking out.

Business & Technology

BP kinda hoping the government can ignore a few hundred million barrels of spilled Gulf oil

After all, paying for what they did is already pretty expensive.


Why the environmental movement couldn’t get cap-and-trade passed

A new study from a Harvard political scientist offers suggestions on winning climate fights -- over time.

Business & Technology

Shell’s Arctic drilling flunks even the lax air pollution standards it weakened

The hits keep on coming.