Climate & Energy

California will start selling carbon allowances tomorrow

They make great stocking stuffers, unlike coal.


Biden’s buffoonery more newsworthy than climate change

The press devoted twice as much air time to Joe Biden's giggles than to climate change this election season.

Climate & Energy

2012: Hot, costly, and ready for action (on climate change)

And it won't happen, because we're all about to get screwed.


Lame duck Congress may decide whether to save lame duck wind industry

If they don't, it would be pretty... well, you know.


Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist thinks a carbon tax might make sense — with some caveats [UPDATED]

Grover Norquist's half-hearted endorsement of a carbon tax makes it slightly more likely to happen, but it probably still won't.

Climate & Energy

Climate change threatens to wipe out your coffee

Arabica coffee beans could be extinct in the wild by 2080.

Climate & Energy

With pipelines delayed, tar-sands oil shifts onto trains

Protests have stalled construction of new tar-sands pipelines, so oil companies are now shipping their goop south by rail.

Climate & Energy

Superstorm Sandy hit Superfund sites, spread toxic pollution

Superstorm Sandy took a toll on East Coast Superfund sites, waterways and more. Cleanup is underway but the full impact is not yet known.

Climate & Energy

Climate should be Obama’s No. 1 priority, say lots of people who aren’t tree-hugging enviros

The New Yorker calls on Obama to put climate action at the top of his agenda. So does Republican Christine Todd Whitman and other non-hippies.

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