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Texas judge rules that TransCanada can seize land from a family farm

Judge Bill Harris determined that TransCanada had the right to condemn and seize a strip of land for the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Peabody Coal signs sweetheart deal with government to expand existing mine

Peabody is paying the feds 25 cents per ton for coal that's likely to sell for $35 per ton. Hope they can eke out a profit!

Climate & Energy

BP, still working out the kinks in this ‘fuel distribution’ thing, recalls gasoline

Excessive residue in gasoline from a refinery in Indiana could screw with the cars of 7,000 unlucky consumers.


Romney’s energy plan dissected: Putting government to work for Big Oil

There is nothing here that would cause a sleepless night -- even a sleepless second -- for ExxonMobil executives.


SEC will require oil companies to disclose payments to foreign governments

The move, part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, should increase transparency around fossil-fuel projects overseas.

U.S. sees worst West Nile outbreak in its history

A relatively high number of West Nile cases, particularly around Dallas, have made 2012 the worst year for the disease since it arrived in the U.S.

Climate & Energy

Mixed blessing: U.S. power demand will stay flat for a while

We won't use the amount of electricity we thought we'd be using in 2019 until 2030, according to a new forecast.

Climate & Energy

We’ve already used a year’s worth of resources in 2012

Nice job sticking to your budget, humans.


California meat company shut down for abusing cows

Fair warning: There are no graphic images or videos, but even the language here is disconcerting.

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