U.S. and World Bank might stop financing dirty coal plants

President Obama says the U.S. should stop funding coal power plants abroad, and the World Bank is moving in the same direction.

Americans are more worried about North Korean nukes than climate change

A survey found that Americans are less likely than other people around the world to be concerned about global warming. But we do fret about Islamic terrorists, Iran, and North Korea.

Will dumping Australia’s climate-savvy prime minister help the climate?

Australia's Labor Party ousted Julia Gillard as prime minister, replacing her with Kevin Rudd, in a desperate bid to win the upcoming election.

EPA tells Ohio to stop keeping fracking secrets from first responders

Ohio lets energy companies keep emergency-management officials in the dark about the fracking chemicals they use. The EPA says that has to stop.

Anthony Foxx, transit booster, confirmed as transportation secretary

The mayor of Charlotte, N.C., was confirmed with a unanimous Senate vote.

L.A. launches nation’s largest solar rooftop program

The program will pay residents for excess solar power they produce on their roofs, with the aim of generating enough to power 30,000 homes.

Republicans say Obama’s climate plan is a war on America

And at least one coal-loving Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, agrees.

Giant, oil-belching sinkhole dooms more than 100 homes in Louisiana

The 15-acre sinkhole was caused by the collapse of a salt mine that served the petrochemical industry.

Study says tar-sands oil not more likely to leak; activists fault study

Enviros criticized the methodology and scope of a study that found tar-sands pipelines to be just as safe as regular oil pipelines.