Climate & Energy

With fuel prices spiking in southern California, gas stations close up shop

Only temporarily mind you. And there's additional bad news for jet owners.

Climate & Energy

Indian electricity and Nigerian oil: Lucrative targets for thieves

In India, about a quarter of all electricity is stolen or lost in transmission. In Nigeria, $7 billion worth of oil was pilfered last year.


Romney’s attack on green investment was massively, massively wrong

In the debate, Romney said $90 billion had been wasted investing in green companies, half of which have gone out of business. Not so. And also hypocritical.


Comically evil coal boss forces white-collar workers to give up cash for Romney too

The head of Murray Energy, who forced coal miners to attend a Romney rally, also demands that his management staff make political contributions.

Climate & Energy

Prepare for wackiness: Shell is drilling the Arctic again

Shell had to wait to resume drilling in the Beaufort Sea until an annual whale hunt ended. So that's nice.


Fact-checking Romney’s ‘I like coal’ statement

In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he likes coal. Is it true? We fact-check his statement to find out.

Costa Rica to ban sport hunting

Lawmakers in Costa Rica overwhelmingly voted to prohibit recreational hunting, hoping to sustain its wildlife tourism industry.

Business & Technology

Enbridge doesn’t want to clean up its oil spill, it wants to go play

Sometimes, as any parent knows, you just have to put your foot down.

Climate & Energy

Map of the most energy-efficient states looks kind of familiar

Massachusetts and California are very energy efficient; Mississippi and North Dakota aren't. See where we're going with this?