Climate & Energy

Judge orders two-week halt to Keystone XL pipeline construction

A Texas judge ruled there was sufficient evidence that TransCanada had misled landowners about what would really be flowing through its pipeline.

Business & Technology

BP emails reveal the company underreported the 2010 Gulf spill

Did you just die of shock? Sorry if you just died of shock.


For the first time, cities see a drop in childhood obesity

From New York and L.A. to small cities in Nebraska and Alaska, childhood obesity rates are inching downward. The reasons aren't yet known.


Politico’s top secret megascoop on the link between energy and the economy

The D.C. paper of record outdoes itself on putting insider obsequiousness before information.


USDA backpedals on healthy school-lunch rules

After kids and conservatives complained, the agency is lifting limits on the amount of meats and grains that can be served in school meals.

Climate & Energy

America wants to unleash its gas on other countries

There's a glut of natural gas in the U.S., so producers are looking to export overseas.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how you can get conservatives to care about the environment

"Purity, patriotism and reverence for a higher authority" motivate conservatives to care about the environment. Moral arguments, not so much.

Business & Technology

We got a copy of the subpoena Chevron sent a rebellious shareholder

Chevron's lawyers are going after shareholders who want the company to face up to damage from extensive pollution in the Ecuadorean rainforest.


Rural America: Poorer, less populous, less powerful — but now with fracking!

Some rural areas are getting a big economic boost from oil and gas development, but many other areas are still struggling.