House passes terrible ‘Stop the War on Coal’ bill before heading to recess

The legislation, which will never become law, is an embarrassment. That's all there is to it.

Climate & Energy

Shell sues Greenpeace because it can’t sue its own incompetence

The oil company that has done basically everything short of sinking its own boats is now suing Greenpeace, blaming the group for obstructing Arctic drilling.

Climate & Energy

China, E.U. partner to bolster Chinese carbon trading

The partnership could mean the development of an international carbon trading system between Europe, Australia, and China.


Victory for raw-milk seller in Minnesota

Raw-milk advocates are calling the Minnesota jury verdict a big legal win.


Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren debate climate change

And, while they're at it, the Senate hopefuls from Massachusetts battle over oil subsidies, Keystone, Cape Wind, and James Inhofe.

Farewell, summer from hell

NASA paints a portrait of an awful summer in the middle of what will likely be the hottest year in history. So enjoy fall -- winter's going to suck, too.


A man, a plan, a pipeline: The tycoon guiding Romney on energy

Reuters takes a detailed look at the politics of Harold Hamm -- meaning the politics of Mitt Romney.


Romney opposes key support to wind industry, opposes Obama not helping wind industry

The presidential candidate strongly opposes a wind tax credit as well as the layoffs that result from expiration of that wind tax credit.


Study on GMO corn requires a non-GMO grain of salt

Yes, the study showing negative health effects in rats that ate GMO corn sounds frightening. But that's why you might want to be skeptical.

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