Business & Technology

BP fined after it fails surprise spill-containment inspections

I'm sure you're stunned.

Climate & Energy

Georgia Power makes a big bet on solar

There's good reason to do so: Georgia has experienced a number of problems with hot weather leading to decreased fossil energy output.


New York City sees spike in traffic deaths, harbor poop

The mayor's annual survey of statistics in the New York City has some good pieces of news -- and two particularly bad ones.

Climate & Energy

The vanishing ice cap, in two images

NASA has a stark illustration of how this year's record-low Arctic ice cap compares to the ice cap in 1984.


USDA OKs tofu as a meat substitute in school lunches

Which will do nothing to quell the right's fury over the new school lunch standards.

Climate & Energy

The economy grows more slowly than expected, thanks to the drought

Economic growth in the U.S. during the spring was 0.4 percent slower than expected, largely due to the record-setting drought.

Climate & Energy

Domestic oil production reaches a 15-year high

Republicans may complain that Obama hates oil, but under his watch, U.S. oil production has hit its highest weekly level since 1997.


Three ways Romney’s new coal ad is hopelessly wrong

But on the plus side, it doesn't feature any forced labor.


NIMBY to the max: Building helipads to stop wind turbines

Some residents of a Michigan town have a novel strategy to prevent the construction of wind turbines: building helicopter pads.

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