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Van Jones: Keystone XL would be ‘the Obama Pipeline’

Van Jones came out swinging against Keystone, warning that if it's approved it would be a big black mark on Obama's legacy.

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New York Times kills its ‘Green’ blog

First the Times shut down its environment desk. Now it's shuttering its environment blog. But the paper claims it'll keep reporting on green issues.


Michigan gov.: Detroit is no longer capable of taking care of itself

The mostly white, Republican Michigan government is taking over the mostly black, Democratic Detroit government. What could possibly go wrong?

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State Dept. on Keystone XL: So not a big deal

The State Department's new environmental impact statement says there's no good environmental reason not to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

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As BP battles in court over Deepwater Horizon, oil spills are happening all over the place

They don't get as much press as BP's Gulf gusher did, but oil spills happen constantly. Here are just a few from this past week.

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Energy-efficiency program killed in Louisiana

Thanks to shenanigans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana won't become the 47th state to adopt an energy-efficiency program.


Calories make you fat, but sugary calories make you fat and diabetic

A big global study finds that sugar leads to diabetes.

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How the USDA plans to plant around climate change

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says farmers need help coping with climate change and encouragement to become part of the solution.

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Al Gore’s ‘Reality Drop’ gamifies climate news commenting

Copy and paste pre-written science-y comments ... for the climate? Basically, the Climate Reality Project wants you to troll for change.