Climate & Energy

Shell retreats from the Arctic, sending its battered vessels to Asia for repair

Rest assured, the retreat is only temporary.


Here’s one more thing you can share: Kids

The sharing economy makes it easy for people to connect via technology to share cars, bikes, homes offices, tools, pets -- and now children.


It’s fast-food fish season — and no, it’s not sustainable

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Carl's Jr. are rushing to introduce fish products in time for the Christian holiday Lent.


Celebrities to Obama: Fix the climate! Obama to celebrities: Sure, you got it

The oldest tactic in the book will certainly work this time! With Ian Somerhalder and Malin Akerman on board, how could it not?

Climate & Energy

Germany’s conservative environment minister kiboshes fracking

German politics, man. Who can understand it?

Climate & Energy

Are green jobs meant to help the economy or the jobless?

The New York Times and Gawker offer very different takes on the subject.

Climate & Energy

Can we blame climate change for the Northeast’s massive blizzard?

As always, not directly. But climate change very likely made a big storm bigger.


The budget turmoil may mean no meat inspectors — and no meat

This is likely just an empty threat from the president, but it's a good one.

Business & Technology

Are solar panels the worst thing for the environment ever? Um, no

But this Associated Press article about pollution from solar-panel manufacturing might lead you to believe otherwise.