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In wake of Sandy, media may finally be willing to discuss climate change

The scale and destruction of Hurricane Sandy has made the issue of climate change impossible to ignore by politicians and the media -- even Fox is getting in on the action.


Post-Sandy, bike generators bring joy to NYC in the form of charged gadgets

Bicycle-powered generators are bringing people together and charging up their cell phones on the streets of New York.


New York City’s urban farms gasp for air after Sandy

Superstorm Sandy wiped out some of New York City's urban farms. What's next for farming in this new age of extreme weather?

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Green Party’s Jill Stein arrested while resupplying KXL blockaders

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was delivering food to treesit activists when she was arrested Wednesday.

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FYI, Sandy did not initiate nuclear Armageddon

A nuclear plant in New Jersey raised its action level to "alert" after superstorm Sandy hit. Now it's not on alert anymore.

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Nebraska says new Keystone XL route is slightly less likely to ruin state

Nebraska has assessed TransCanada's new proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline and found it to be not as sucky as the last proposed route.

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Energy company CEO: Why do we have to talk about climate change today?

Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning just wants to focus on cleaning up the mess he claims no responsibility for.


Sandy spooks East Coast Halloween

Did Frankenstorm Sandy crush Halloween hopes?

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Coal company gets in on the election fun, blaming EPA for mine layoffs

Consol Energy says EPA permit hold-ups are forcing it to lay people off. The EPA says, "News to us!"