Climate & Energy

Obama calls for massive push on industrial efficiency

The president set a goal of 40 gigawatts of combined heat and power (which we explain) in industrial facilities by 2020.


Mr. Rand Paul wants you to be nice to Mr. Exxon Mobil

Mr. Gristmill scoffs, kicks sand in his face.

The hurricane (Isaac) is dead. Long live the hurricane (Kirk).

And waiting in the wings -- Leslie, the second-earliest "L" storm in history.

Climate & Energy

Explosion at a coal mine in China kills 19

The country's massive and growing demand for coal means enormous pressure to produce.

Meet Heartland, a just-discovered virus that landed two men in the hospital

It's actually not as big a deal as it sounds. But that won't stop us from going a little Hollywood.


Surprise! The GOP’s climate position tracks closely with oil industry donations

Republican support for climate action has gone up and down over the years, as have contributions from oil and gas companies.

West Nile cases hit new record, 66 dead so far this year

In happier news, a cute kitty somewhere drank some milk. You can probably find video of it on YouTube.

Climate & Energy

Methane trapped in Antarctic ice will be a great help to the horrible warming feedback loop

Melting of Antarctic ice could release massive amounts of methane, according to a new study. That would be very bad for the climate.


A natural-gas pipeline grows in Brooklyn

Many of the people of Brooklyn aren't super-excited about it.

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