Climate & Energy

New York’s energy-efficiency survey suggests that older is often better

Despite LEED certification for new buildings, structures with thicker walls and fewer windows often are more environment-friendly.

Climate & Energy

Seattle mayor calls for city’s pension funds to dump oil stocks

Seattle's Mike McGinn becomes the first municipal leader to join's divestment campaign. He's pushing back again coal trains too.

Climate & Energy

Western Antarctica is warming three times faster than the rest of the world

You'll forgive the region's ice if it's starting to look a little nervous.

Business & Technology

Energy conservation gets gamified

Businesses are using gamification to goad us into buying more junk. But some people are trying to harness online games for good causes.


Marijuana growers endanger salmon, bears, and even dogs

The market for pot in California is booming, thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana, and that means bad news for the environment and critters.


What the fiscal cliff would mean for our cities and food

Whether we stop the crazy train with a compromise or careen into the ravine, the fiscal cliff presents serious challenges for cities and agriculture.

Climate & Energy

Your 2012 climate change scorecard

In the battle between polluting and not polluting quite so much, how did the world fare in 2012?


Lead-bullet ad targets NRA, misses the point

The Center for Biological Diversity is running an ad in The New York Times calling for the NRA to stop blocking efforts to remove lead from bullets.


The apocalypse is here: FDA clears way for fast-growing GM monster salmon

AquAdvantage salmon eat five times the food and grow twice as fast as normal salmon. And now, thanks to the FDA, they're headed for your plate.