it's a wonderful world

This California couple uses more water than all of the homes in Los Angeles

Lynda and Stewart Resnick built a billion-dollar megafarming empire.

Bad to the ozone

Harley-Davidson is officially a clear air outlaw

Harley-Davidson has agreed to pay $12 million in fines to the Environmental Protection Agency for evading clean air laws.

What happens to Rio’s stadiums after the Olympics end?

Rio has ambitious plans for repurposing its shiny new Olympic infrastructure -- but will they carry through?

Exxon is looking for ways to slash carbon emissions

While under fire publicly for climate change, the company has found a way to cool down chemical manufacturing.

Hamburglar Comin

McDonald’s feeble attempt to encourage walking is short-lived

The company put fitness trackers in Happy Meals along with the customary 23 grams of fat. They didn’t last.

y’all things considered

Texas is still gunning for your reproductive rights

The Lone Star State finds new, creative ways to hinder abortion access.

drop in the bucket

We’ve only explored 0.0001 percent of the ocean, but that’s about to change.

The deep sea is about to get less mysterious.

high water

Understanding Louisiana’s big flood risks

As shorelines change, so does the probability of flooding.


Sorry, Beverly Hills: You get a subway now

A federal judge just ruled that wealthy NIMBYs couldn’t block a proposed metro extension.