something new under the sun

Solar power’s not just for roofs anymore: It’s being woven into fabric.

Everything from sneakers to beach umbrellas could suck up the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity.

Damselfish in distress

Climate change is driving fish crazy, literally.

The CO2-riddled oceans of the future may become fish asylums.

Through a gas darkly

Obama brags about low gas prices, but he shouldn’t.

First off, he didn't bring the prices down. Second, low prices are bad for the climate.


Photos: Anti-pipeline protesters across America stand with Standing Rock

Bernie Sanders made an appearance.

More arrests

Police arrested another 22 people at the Dakota Access pipeline site.

More than 40 people have been arrested around the construction zone over the past month.

Merge surge

Corporate giant Bayer just made a deal to buy Monsanto.

Here's why it might not go through.

Being a big fish in a small pond (or, uh, the ocean) could get you killed.

The bigger the sea creature, the more likely it is to go extinct, according to new research.

trash talk

Lawyers told House Science Chair Lamar Smith his subpoenas are trash.

The House Science chair is violating the First Amendment with this charade, they argue.

climbing out of a hole

Jill Stein tries to clarify her opinion of vaccines.

"Vaccines prevent serious epidemics that would cause harm to many people."