This downer of a holiday keeps getting earlier every year

We just used up a year’s worth of natural resources.

Hot Bods

Enjoy it while you can: Climate change is already hitting the Olympics hard

In hot, polluted places like Rio, you’re actually better off just having a beer than exercising. Really.

Rio Olympics opens with a powerful message about climate change

The opening ceremonies probably did more for climate education than U.S. presidential campaigns ever have.

Game of groans

6 ways the Rio Olympics are failing on sustainability

From waters teeming with pathogens to transportation troubles, the Rio Olympics are looking like a hot mess.

gold rush

Gold King Mine still leaking one year after spill

But so are abandoned mines across the west.

We’re starting to understand just how Zika and climate change go together

Scientists try to narrow in on the way warmer, weirder weather helped the disease spread.

Sorry (I Ain't Sorry)

Volkswagen says it’s cleaning up its emissions, this time for reals

Volkswagen pivots from cheating on emissions to (maybe) filtering them out.


The right now wants a “Clexit,” because Brexit went so well

Climate change deniers launch a campaign to stop the Paris agreement.

Not your parents’ transit

These huge buses drive right over the top of cars

China thinks it’s found an answer to its congestion problem.