Just like you, NASA wants to send your kids to Mars — but for different reasons

Watch the Human to Mars summit livestream this week, and see how NASA plans to get our asses to Mars.


New EPA carbon rules would save thousands of lives, science says

The Obama administration's proposed rules for power plants could save nearly 5,000 lives a year in the U.S. alone.

Climate & Energy

Boston’s airport is going green(ish)

Airport officials plan to cut emissions and plan for sea level rise. Good luck!


What’s the greenest megacity? Hint: Not NYC

A look at megacity "metabolism" reveals how many resources these urban hubs devour and which ones could use a diet.

sod it all

Climate change is melting Arctic archaeological sites

The Canadian Arctic is losing centuries-old, perfectly preserved Inuit villages as permafrost melts and coast erodes.

Jerry Brown throws down

California sets fancy new climate goal, makes other states look bad

Gov. Jerry Brown declares his state will cut emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. Even Europe can't beat that.


The future looks a lot hotter and wetter, says science

No duh, says us.


Hillary can’t believe we’re still fighting over this whole reproductive rights thing, either

It's 2015, some morons are still conflating reproductive healthcare with baby-killing sprees, and Hillary Clinton's fed up -- as are we all.

bee minus

Bees are addicted to pesticide-laden junk food, too

It turns out bees may prefer nectar when it's laced with common pesticides, says a new study.