New York City tries to end scourge of plastic bags. New York state says, “Nope.”

Who knew trying to get rid of plastic bags would be such a battle?


Donald Trump once backed urgent climate action. Wait, what?

We’ve got the full-page ad to prove it.

Climate & Energy

Arctic sea ice, did you lose weight? You look amazing!

No, you look terrible. You’re melting everywhere -- at record-breaking rates.

Climate & Energy

How Bernie Sanders made Hillary Clinton into a greener candidate

Sanders lost the primary race, but he has changed the Democratic Party and the politics of climate change.


Sea creatures are being drowned out by noise pollution, but for once we’re listening

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Obama and India’s Prime Minister are meeting this week, but there’s a toxic elephant in the room

The Bhopal disaster launched an international legal battle that still isn't resolved decades later.


Here’s what a bleaching disaster looks like

Is that coral bleached, dead, or just taking a nap? These photos will teach you the difference.

Climate & Energy

This lobbyist denied climate change for ExxonMobil. Now he’ll do it for Trump.

Donald Trump's army of climate deniers is growing before our eyes.


Sorry, leaves — we figured out a way to do photosynthesis better than you

A new “bionic leaf” developed by Harvard scientists converts sunlight into fuel 10 times more efficiently than plain ol’ plants.