Obama and Xi
These guys

China and the U.S. really want you to know we’re in it together on climate change.

Presidents Obama and Xi announce they ratified the Paris climate agreement reached last year.

Retirement Plans

Obama will continue his war on carbon emissions once his lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is up.

Obama reiterates that climate change is not a partisan issue. And yet ...

pipelines and wild rice

Another oil pipeline is dead, raising the stakes for Dakota Access.

The Sandpiper pipeline goes down, leaving both sides to focus attention on Dakota Access.

Thumbs up

Google is in the hitchhiking business.

Why is Google trying to get into the hitchhiking business?

uber complicated

It’s like Uber, but for public transit. Also, it is Uber.

Altamonte Springs, Florida, struggled for years to develop a transit system.

No justice, no peas

Underpaid, overworked farmworkers set to get liberal labor protections. Farmers grumble.

Farmworkers could finally get equal rights for overtime pay.

down the pipeline

Dozens more arrested fighting massive Midwestern oil pipeline.

Nearly 40 people were arrested during non-violent direct actions on Wednesday.

Pope Francis

Heads up, Catholics: Pope Francis says caring for the environment is your Christian duty.

Fighting climate change with prayer alone isn't enough, according to the Pope -- humans also have to act.

Hot & Cold

“Climate change doesn’t exist,” they said, teeth chattering and blue thumbs gamely tweeting.

Winters are getting more extreme.