Canada’s Trudeau promises to do no harm to First Nations, does harm anyway

His government issues permits for a dam that will permanently alter a way of life.

for the win

Sci-fi writers dream up what future Olympic Games will look like

Their ideas range from wacky to thought-provoking.

Eat the rich

Humans are gobbling up natural resources at a terrifying rate

And the rich countries, of course, are the worst.

Crazy hot Siberian summer leads to anthrax poisoning

When permafrost thaws, anthrax and other bacteria enter the groundwater, sickening anyone who ingests it.

Nugget of Truth

McDonald’s kept its promise to use fewer antibiotics

Remember when McDonald's pledged to cut down on antibiotics in chicken? That’s happening now — and it’s a big deal.

bird brains

Climate change turns birds into cannibals

As food becomes scarce, gulls in Washington state are turning to their own kind.

Too Far

Behold, the death of memes at the hand of the fracking lobby

The natural gas industry is attempting to woo presumptively dimwitted millennials with memes, listicles, and quizzes.

flash forward

Maryland’s flash flood is a sign of what the future has in store

Ellicott City was drenched with six inches of rain in just two hours.

The Movement for Black Lives calls for fossil fuel divestment

The group's new platform identifies solutions to address environmental racism.