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Oil spills break fishes’ hearts

BP's Deepwater Horizon spill messed with the heart function of tuna, according to research published on Valentine's Day.

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Just a fracking well exploding into flames — nothing to see here!

On Tuesday, a Chevron natural gas fracking well in Greene County, Pa., burst into flames. More than 72 hours later, it’s still burning.

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America’s natural gas system is super-leaky, and that’s bad news for the climate

The leaks are so egregious that it would actually be better for the climate to run buses on diesel than on natural gas, according to a new study.

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Solar is keeping California’s lights on as hydro dries up

The drought in California is causing rivers to shrivel and, with them, hydroelectric supplies. But never fear, solar power is here!


Your tea won’t taste so good after you read this

Labor abuses, dangerous pesticide practices, and other problems are widespread at 24 Tetley tea plantations in India.

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Another day, another river ruined by a big coal-industry spill

This time it's a spill of 100,000 gallons of coal slurry from a coal processing facility in West Virginia. Thanks, Patriot Coal!

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U.S. wants poor and rich countries alike to cut emissions under next climate treaty

The Kyoto Protocol required only rich countries to take action. The Obama admin says that approach is "clearly not rational or workable" any more.

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Dems and GOP have competing visions for making oil trains safer in Washington state

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are feeling nervous about soaring oil-by-rail traffic, but they disagree on what to do about it.

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BP found another shady way to cheat public, get richer

Minnesota is suing the oil giant, claiming it lied when taking state funds to clean up leaky tanks that were already covered by its insurers.