Climate & Energy

This chart shows the United States’ mind-blowing clean energy potential

The U.S. could meet its electricity needs 100 times over with solar and 10 times over with wind.


Trump’s campaign manager is as shady on clean energy as you’d expect

Corey Lewandowski led a double life as a solar power lobbyist while publicly fighting taxpayer-funded clean-energy projects.

Business & Technology

PR guru attempts the impossible: Convince everyone utility companies are all right

Solar advocates are suspicious.

Climate & Energy

India floats ambitious goal: 100 percent electric cars

The government thinks it doesn't have to spend a dime on it.


Arctic sea ice hits another record low

One scientist says, “I’ve never seen such a warm, crazy winter in the Arctic."


Luxury Arctic cruise ship sets sail. What could go wrong?

The loss of Arctic sea ice cover has spurred a sharp rise in shipping traffic -- as well as coast guard rescue missions.


Earthquakes caused by oil drillers are now so common that the government just assumes they’re coming

In parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, the tremor risk is now on par with quake-prone California.

Climate & Energy

Half of U.S. oil is now fracked — but it might not stay that way

America's 300,000 fracking wells pumped out 4.3 million barrels per day in 2015.


Alarm clock appeals to your good nature to break your snoozing habit. We have a better idea

Each time you hit snooze, the alarm clock app gives $1 of your money to a wildlife charity.