a (pipe)line in the (tar) sand

Canada just shut down another major pipeline proposal

Northern Gateway is the latest tar sands pipeline to run afoul of the law.

After 71 million trips, bike shares see their first fatality

And it likely could have been prevented with some pretty basic infrastructure.

Coal baron is trying to elect Trump with old tricks

Murray Energy blames all future layoffs on those no-good Democrats.

The crazy true story of how George W. Bush secretly tried to raise the gas tax

Turns out that when Dubyah called for the country to kick its oil addiction, he meant it. But then things got messy.

Don't be a wiener

Celebrate America by avoiding our national embarrassment: Hot dogs


what a spud

Wonky Mr. Potato Head wants you to know it’s not the shape that counts

The campaign to embrace ugly produce puts a twist on the classic toy.

a la mode

In Paris, bicycle highways are trés chic

The city plans to reduce pollution with fast-track bike lanes.

Sometimes shrinkage is a good thing

Ozone hole not so holey anymore

The ozone layer is on the mend, according to new research.

Harry Potter implicated in first driverless car death

A Tesla sedan got into a fatal accident while in autopilot mode -- and it looks like the driver was watching a DVD at the time.