Why millennials aren’t going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

First it was cars, now kids these days are shunning breakfast cereal, too.


Americans are eating better — well, some Americans

If you're wealthy, your diet has improved in the past 15 years -- but if you're not, it's gotten worse.

stripping down

Faculty joins students in the call for divestment. We’re going streaking!

Professors lend credibility and campus clout to a movement just beginning to gain momentum.


U.N. says the ozone layer will be a little less screwed — a long time from now

A new report hints that what's good for the ozone layer may be bad for climate change.

Climate & Energy

Living close to a fracking well could have given you that rash

A new study from Yale -- the largest of its kind -- shows a correlation between living near a fracking site and having health problems.


How green is the iPhone 6?

Apple says its new phone is an environmental dream. But where's the built-in solar panel?

Business & Technology

BP convicted of gross negligence in Deepwater Horizon spill, really salty about it

We imagine that the handing down of the Deepwater Horizon decision may have gone a little like this.

vacuum cleaners suck, hairdryers blow

E.U. bans energy-sucking vacuums. Hairdryers could be next.

High-powered vacuum cleaners just bit the dust in the name of climate change. Hairdryers and electric kettles could be next.

Climate & Energy

Thanks to fracking, there’s something in the water in Pennsylvania

Now that we have 243 pieces of evidence that fracking is not GREAT for the people who live near it, can we stop pretending otherwise?