friday night lights

Solar tower generates electricity from molten salt, even when it’s dark

The facility's massive stores of salt can hold enough solar energy to power 10,000 homes.

Pollution from power plants in two states killed thousands of people last year

Nearly 90 percent of the plants are in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

Dirty dealing

The Republican vision for the environment is not a pretty sight

The House just passed a budget bill that would gut protections for air, water, and the climate.

Come what May

Britain’s new leader just replaced the climate department with a business department

Prime Minister Theresa May hasn't even unpacked her bags yet and already she's up to no good.

choked up

People will pay for clean air, but only if they can afford it

A study puts an exact price on pollution in China.

He'll sign it

Congress sends GMO-labeling bill to Obama’s desk

The bill would make labeling mandatory nationwide.

turning on the charmander

Green group wants to use rare Pokemon to lure voters

NextGen Climate found the youth vote -- it's looking for Snorlax.

Amazon Fire

The world’s biggest rainforest might be on fire soon

When the Amazon burns, something is really wrong.

The “largest, dirtiest coal plant west of the Mississippi” announces major closures

A win for keeping coal in the ground.