climbing out of a hole

Jill Stein tries to clarify her opinion of vaccines.

"Vaccines prevent serious epidemics that would cause harm to many people."

fruits of their labor

Farmworkers just won big in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law guaranteeing farmworkers the right to overtime pay.

Whose fault is that?

Did the oil industry help to discover a whole new fault line in Oklahoma?

Sure looks like it.

Scare quotes

Trump says, “Science is science and facts are facts,” and explains his “facts” on climate change.

Trump says "perhaps" we act reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Good idea

One city is making a good start at tackling its homelessness problems — thanks to a lawsuit.

Pomona, California, will stop criminalizing homelessness for now.

It's A Hot One

Is it us or is it getting hotter in here?

NASA announced Monday that this past August and July tied for the hottest months in recorded history.

Come Shell or high water

Shell has started pumping from the world’s deepest underwater oil field.

What could go wrong?

Save us Marky Mark

Deepwater Horizon is being made into a movie, and it looks disastrously good.

Environmental disaster is getting the Hollywood treatment.

Breaking news

Pipeline construction is on hold as Standing Rock Sioux Tribe loses one battle, wins another.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lost its big case, but the feds stepped in immediately after the decision.