trump change

China urges Trump not to back out of climate deal.

"It is global society’s will that all want to cooperate to combat climate change."

good news COP 22

Countries announced a new global partnership to deliver on their Paris Agreement goals.

“If we try to go it alone in limiting global warming, we will fail.”

Bakken business

Trump and his key advisors stand to profit from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Trump invested up to $1 million in the company building the pipeline.


No, Trump’s election hasn’t derailed the U.N. climate conference

Why there’s (some) cause for optimism at the U.N. climate talks

mais non

Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a carbon tax on American-made goods if Trump pulls out of climate accord.

The former French president and current candidate for reelection responded to Trump's claim that he'd pull out of the Paris Agreement.

coal reality

Mitch McConnell has already admitted GOP promises to out-of-work coal miners won’t come true.

The Senate Majority leader walked back expectations for a coal industry revival.

Standing Rock

Trump’s victory could be a big win for the Dakota Access Pipeline, but opponents stand strong

Conflicting reports indicate the Obama administration might approve the pipeline even before Trump takes office.


Day two of the Trump era, environmentalists set their sights on … holiday cups.

Pick your battles?

interior design

Obama’s Interior makes it easier to build renewable energy on public land in Trump era.

Good timing.