dynamic polluter duo

Is Trump’s EPA pick or State nominee the riper target for Democrats?

Or the answer is both.

Survey says ...

Hey Trump, check this out: 78 percent of voters think climate pollution should be regulated and/or taxed.

A new survey shows just how far from normal the president-elect is.

Heart land

Surprise! Trump wants a coal booster and climate change denier to head the Interior Department.

He has reportedly offered the job to Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke.

backup plans

Totally chill scientists try to download government climate data before it disappears forever.

It's not like anyone thinks Trump's cabinet appointees will just delete or suppress valuable troves of data ... right?

oh frack

The EPA found that fracking can impact drinking water quality.

The EPA, in the end, didn't include more controversial text.

Dirty Dancing

Rick Perry once said he would eliminate the Department of Energy. Now he will run it.

Texas political insiders call him "Bush without the brains."

Tar wars

ExxonMobil has doubled down on dirty tar-sands oil.

The company has invested billions in Canadian tar-sands reserves even though extracting the oil would wreak havoc on the climate.

big oil, big spills

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons 150 miles from Standing Rock.

Over 37,000 gallons of crude oil have been recovered.

From the Editor

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