GOP lawmaker says EPA is absurd, irresponsible, and “un-American”

We may have time-traveled to the 1950s, folks.

Congress pledges billions to the world’s small farmers

Forget the GMO-labeling bill. Here's one that matters.

flex your mussels

Ocean acidification is eating into mussels

Changing oceans are making it harder for the bivalves to hang on -- literally.

off the rails

Explosive oil trains are feeling some serious heat this week

Protestors across the U.S. are trying to take down this deadly public health threat.

Senate passes GMO-labeling bill

Partisans on both sides hate it.

New York City hopes a 10-foot wall can save it from rising seas

Now New York really is New Amsterdam.


Obama gets riled up about Trump and climate change

When Obama and Clinton team up, climate change is front and center.

Advertising to kids isn’t good, it’s grrreat!

A bit of marketing from Brian Broccoli and Suzy Sweetpea drives kids to the salad bar.

Carbon prices are way down, thanks to the Supreme Court’s hold on Clean Power Plan

How is this going to affect cap-and-trade plans? Let’s ask the oracle.