Harry Potter implicated in first driverless car death

A Tesla sedan got into a fatal accident while in autopilot mode -- and it looks like the driver was watching a DVD at the time.

The spurn of the screw

Now there’s one less way for Big Coal to screw over Americans

The Obama administration has closed a loophole that let coal companies cheat taxpayers out of royalties.

deforestation in action
IPOP pops

The group that was supposed to make palm oil sustainable just disappeared

Environmentalists pushed companies to sign up for the Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge — but now it’s gone.

Have An Ice Life

Over half of Antarctica’s badass Adélie penguins could get wiped out by climate change

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing of threats to the tuxedo-clad birds -- but there might be some good news for their future.

Father knows unrest

Al Gore’s daughter arrested at climate protest

Karenna Gore joined Tim deChristopher and other activists in civil disobedience to protest a pipeline for fracked natural gas.

The coal shebang

Oakland says no thanks to coal exports

The city council unanimously voted to stymie a proposal to ship out 10 million tons of a coal a year.

See how the Sierra Club’s leader is trolling Republicans

The green group’s executive director has offered to fill one of those empty time-slots at the GOP convention.

This bites

Congress fails to pass Zika bill, and that’s an ominous sign of things to come

In a climate-changed world, we need a government that can respond effectively to emergencies, but we don’t have one.

North America pledges to deliver 50 percent zero-carbon energy in less than a decade

The three nations will announce ambitious climate plans this week.