Earth has way more trees than we thought, but not nearly as many as it used to

Scientists say there are more than 3 trillion trees on earth, but we're losing about 10 billion per year.


Denmark wages war on food waste

Making the U.S. look pretty bad in the process.

Business & Technology

Google-powered map shows that deforestation isn’t just about the Amazon

New data from the tech giant and the University of Maryland reveal previously overlooked deforestation in Southeast Asia and West Africa.


Hungry polar bears trap Arctic researchers

Seriously, polar bears -- stop being jerks.

What's the buzz?

Bees and flowers have a special relationship, and climate change is screwing it up

This video explains how climate-induced changes in flowering cycles could make for pollination trouble.


Gamers guzzle a crazy amount of energy

Battling virtual monsters can end up requiring a lot of computing power.

Climate & Energy

Marijuana industry struggles with devastating wildfire season

Blazes along the West Coast have pot farmers starting to feel the burn.


Climate change will do strange things to this hungry little microbe

Trichodesmium is a crucial marine microbe, but it could eat itself to death under high CO2 conditions.


Forget insecticides. Scientists are making pests that destroy themselves

Moths genetically engineered to die young could save your slaw.