Climate & Energy

Natural gas drilling is causing earthquakes in Europe too

Shell and ExxonMobil ignored for decades that drilling in Europe’s largest gas field was triggering quakes.


All the best science experiments involve dynamite

Equipped with plenty of dynamite and seismometers, these geologists are major badasses.

Climate & Energy

Mounties claim anti-oil activists are a threat to Canada

A classified report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warns that the "anti-Canada petroleum movement" contains "militants and violent extremists."

Climate & Energy

Now we can watch the oceans acidify in real time

This is a handy new tool for scientists, and a mesmerizing screensaver for the rest of us.

Climate & Energy

What is a ‘sky river,’ and why is Miss Piggy flying in it?

Scientists recently flew through the thick of the wet and wild Pineapple Express on an airplane called Miss Piggy. Top that, Kermie.

Climate & Energy

Oil trains are blowing up all over the place

Two tanker trains full of crude oil have derailed and burst into flames recently, one in West Virginia and one in Ontario.

Climate & Energy

Watch out, Arctic: Shell is coming for you again

The Interior Department is clearing the way for Shell to try drilling again off the Alaska coast, a treacherous undertaking on so many levels.

Climate & Energy

Who needs Keystone when you could build a tar-sands pipeline through Alaska?

The oil industry and its political lackeys are cooking up a new scheme to get Alberta's oil to coastal ports.

Business & Technology

We need to talk about your old basement TV

By collecting old electronics instead of replacing them, we're making the energy efficiency of new devices kind of meaningless.