Baked Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska, is so hot right now

For the first time in recorded history, temps in Anchorage didn't drop below zero all year. Alaskans are freaked out.

Climate & Energy

Leave it to West Virginia to confuse its students about science

The state board of education is introducing nonsense into teaching guidelines for climate change.


Congress will soon approve Keystone, say Republicans

The new GOP-led Senate is pushing the pipeline as its first priority this year. Will Obama respond with a veto?

smog list

This new app takes a swipe at China’s worst polluters

The interactive map shows, in real time, exactly who is spewing smog.

Climate & Energy

California’s cap-and-trade program now covers cars

The oil industry claims this will make gasoline prices soar. Experts say that’s not true -- unless the oil industry manipulates the market.

Climate & Energy

Is 2015 the year Pope Francis defeats climate change?

The Holy Father will publish an edict on human ecology and address the U.N. in the run-up to Paris 2015 negotiations.

Climate & Energy

Can a commercial development be used to block Big Oil?

Environmental groups are pushing for the rapid development of a $1.3 billion real estate project. Why?

almond oy

In the battle of almonds vs. salmon, everyone is a loser

A state law in California requires that in dry times, surfacewater be diverted to save salmon habitats. Almond farmers are not really into that.

Climate & Energy

Washington governor proposes big, bold climate plan

Jay Inslee wants to create a cap-and-trade program for the state's biggest polluters and use the money raised to fund transportation, education, and more.