Bees exposed to neonic pesticides suck at gathering pollen

Bumblebees reared by scientists on pesticide-laced diets had trouble finding and gathering pollen.

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Oh rot: Climate change could topple Northwest’s Douglas fir forests

Root-rotting fungi already take a huge bite out of the region's timber business. Now, scientists warn that it will get much worse.

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Shell will stay out of the Arctic this year

Shell announced it won't attempt to drill for oil in the Arctic this year -- and that it's "considering its options" in the region.

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Indian bummer: Is Delhi the smoggiest city in Asia?

There's no way to be sure if Delhi's air pollution is worse than Beijing's, but this Delhi-based reporter concludes both cities are filthy.

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Frackers banned from New York for at least another year

Gov. Cuomo's administration announced that New York's fracking moratorium will not be lifted before April 2015. Frackers, predictably, are freaking.


Republicans vote to deny climate change

Republicans voted against an amendment that would have stated that greenhouse gases cause climate change. Are they stupid, or just corrupt?

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Thousands of Californians are about to run out of water

Water officials say 17 communities are at risk of running completely dry in the next two to four months.


Hawaii lawmakers move to block local bans on GMOs, pesticides

Hawaii lawmakers have stepped in to protect Monsanto, Syngenta, and other ag giants from local laws that restrict their operations.

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We can harvest methane from cow guts. Should we?

Argentinian scientists hope to harness the methane cows fart and burp by passing a pipe into their stomachs and sucking out the gas for energy.