A little fishy

Here’s the real story behind Trump’s drought denial

He isn’t the only one arguing there is no California drought.


Watch global warming spiral out of control

By 2100, we could see 5 degrees C of global warming. Yikes!

Oil and gas are a bad bet, warns Canadian government group

Some of that tar sands oil will likely stay in the ground.

Houston flooding is a perfect storm of climate change and bad urban planning

It's not just the rainfall that is endangering Houston's citizens -- it's all that pavement.

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The once-idyllic suburb is now a ghost town.

Republicans and Democrats agree on at least one thing: Wildfires are a major threat

A new bipartisan bill would put an end to the practice of “fire borrowing” to deal with the growing problem of mega-fires.


Please resist the urge to take a selfie with this cute seal

Keep your cellphone-wielding flippers to yourself, says NOAA.

Fossil fuel darling Ted Cruz demands the feds stop investigating Exxon

He's like reverse Erin Brockovich.

“Rattled” by Trump, G7 nations eager to move up timeline for the Paris climate deal

They’re racing the clock against a possible Trump presidency.