Climate & Energy

Europe wimps out on climate and clean energy

Sure, it's still better than the rest of the world, but activists and scientists had been hoping for stronger goals on CO2 emissions and renewable energy.

Climate & Energy

Enviros step up fight over oil shale mine in Utah

It would be the first commercial oil shale project in the U.S., and environmentalists hope to stop it by fighting a state water permit.

Climate & Energy

Nuclear plant leak patched up near Lake Erie

A nuclear power plant in Ohio leaked radioactive tritium into groundwater, but now the leak's been patched up and there's no sign that Lake Erie was contaminated.

Business & Technology

Sochi Olympics are bad for environment and locals alike

The countdown to the 2014 Winter Games has come with plenty of bad news, including ecological destruction and harassment of environmental activists.


Cattle ranchers lose bid to shoot bison with biobullets

Ranchers want wild bison in Yellowstone inoculated against a cattle disease, but their proposal for shooting vaccine into the beasts with air guns was rejected.

Climate & Energy

Beijing bans new power plants to help clear the air

The famously polluted city will also ban new steel and cement factories and oil refineries, and will try to control the number of cars on its roads.

Climate & Energy

Texans want frackers to stop causing earthquakes

Rattled residents are calling for a ban on injecting fracking wastewater underground. Texas regulators don't seem very receptive.

Climate & Energy

Last year was the fourth hottest on record, or maybe the seventh

Either way, it was really hot. In fact, 2013 was the 37th year in a row of above-average global temperatures, according to NOAA.


Plant STD linked to honeybee collapse

Scientists have discovered that bees that transmit a crop-wilting virus between plants can become infected by the disease, which could play a role in colony collapse disorder.