Climate & Energy

Clock is ticking for Cape Wind project

Construction must begin by the end of the year or the wind farm will lose out on tax credits and a big investment. But a couple of lawsuits still stand in the way.

Climate & Energy

Utility trying to bury solar in Arizona

Under a utility's proposal, solar-panel owners in Arizona would be paid $50 to $100 less each month for their excess electricity. Cue costly brawl.

Climate & Energy

Fracking won’t fix the climate

You may have heard that fracking is reducing carbon emissions because natural gas is cleaner than coal. But there's a big hole in that argument.

Climate & Energy

Turbine tourism: Bus tours of a wind-energy park are a big hit

In Michigan, tourists are lining up for wind-energy tours that let you go right up and touch a turbine.

Climate & Energy

Party like it’s 1994! America’s CO2 emissions hit 18-year low

In 2012, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. fell to 1994 levels.


Here’s why privatizing food inspection might not be the greatest idea

Flawed advice and ratings from a private food-inspection firm led to tainted cantaloupe that killed 33 people, say farmers who are filing suit against the firm.

Climate & Energy

Colorado frackers paying tiny fines for keeping chemicals secret

Frackers have been flouting a Colorado rule that requires them to disclose the chemicals they use. Seven companies have been fined $1,000 apiece.


Gulf fisherman: “There is no life out there”

It's oyster season, but many oyster beds in the Gulf of Mexico are empty. Thanks to the 2010 BP oil spill, lots of other fisheries are suffering too.

Climate & Energy

Winery plans to chop down California redwoods to make room for vineyards

As the world warms, winemakers are moving into new regions. Along the California coast, that's bad news for redwoods.

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